New operators appear on the market almost every week and many people may feel that there is no point. In many cases, new sites are very much built on the same template, so they don’t differ much from their predecessors. But now we can say that we’re in for something a little better, as today’s game master is N1 Interactive. The giant has been a producer of a number of highly popular titles this year, the best examples being, CasinoBuck and Megaslot, which have caused a nice buzz among the gambling public. The latest product from this great manufacturer is called La Riviera and we strongly recommend you to memorise this short and concise name. The company behind it has such a strong track record that there’s really nothing left to prove. Previous titles have been very convincing and the same line will certainly continue with this newcomer. Straightforwardness is the guiding theme of this newcomer and it is evident from the first few minutes. Instant deposits and a simple interface ensure that you’ll be enjoying the games at La Riviera Casino in no time. Other features are also present and we will take a closer look at them later in this review. However, it’s certainly a stylish online casino, so don’t close the tab just yet.

La Riviera Casino game collection is tuned to the max

After a quick sign-up, it’s on to the game selection itself. This is where the pace might slow down a little as you’re faced with a massive 5,000 game package. At first, this might even paralyse players for a while, as the task can feel quite insurmountable. Fortunately, however, there are utility tools available to help you get to grips with the big picture. The games at La Riviera Casino are divided into a number of different sections, such as collections and categories. There’s enough to suit all tastes, and they’re organised according to themes, features or how popular the products are, among other things.

A wide choice of games at online casinos La Riviera

Everyone is bound to have at least a hint of what might be of interest, so it’s certainly not a case of twiddling your thumbs. So we recommend that you take the plunge into the library, because you won’t be disappointed. This is guaranteed by the many great game publishers who have made sure that only quality options are available. Some of the big names involved include Play’n Go, Elk, NetEnt and Yggdrasil.

Customer support is truly excellent

Then it’s time to go testing and digging into the support package available on the site, which plays a really important role. Support and service is available at La Riviera 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that if anyone is important. Indeed, players use the site’s services at completely different times, with some, for example, keying in games in the early hours of the morning while others do so in the middle of the day. However, everyone needs to be offered the same opportunities and that has been achieved. Whatever problem or question arises, it is answered very quickly. When you post a short message about a challenge in the chat, the support staff on the line will jump on the problem right away, so there’s no waiting around. But if for some reason the chat doesn’t pick up, there are other options. The casino has a contact form and an email address that is for support purposes only. La Riviera Casino has clearly put a lot of effort into making the customer’s gaming experience a smooth one, and there’s no need to go through the hassle alone.

For the highest quality licensed casino site

In the past, the tax exemption that is present at this gaming site was already praised with glee. However, not everyone may always know exactly what this privilege is all about, so let’s open up a bit. As La Riviera Casino is licensed in Malta and is an operator within the EEA, any money that spins within the territory is tax-free. Europeans can therefore enjoy this benefit, thanks to the Malta Gaming Authority. This is a very large and respected authority, so its presence is a plus. As a rule of thumb, if you can find the MGA logo on your website, it’s a very good place to play.

La Riviera Casino – Summary

The latest arrival from a quality producer is a very competitive slot by all accounts. All the features are of a familiar quality, and there are hardly any weaknesses, so this site is sure to find its way onto many players’ screens. There are no big surprises on offer, but if you’re interested in basic gaming, this is the place to be. The action at La Riviera Casino is really fast and hassle-free, the game selection is top notch and all withdrawals are tax-free. What more could you ask for at this stage? The new site already has a very high starting point, and we have no doubt that the money will go even higher. Of course, this is not the best site for offers, but the top N1 company also offers other good alternatives for this emergency. If everything sounds good at this stage, then let’s head for the wonderful world of gaming.

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