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The 8 Best Mechanical Watches For 2020


With the wide range of watches being offered in the market today, finding a watch that will link you to the past is easy to find. It is common for every watch enthusiast who is not into modern watches such as quartz and automatic. This is where the mechanical watch enters the scene.

The difference from the switch of watches from mechanical to quartz may be very different with regards to modernized features. However, no one could ever question the quality of a mechanical watch since it was the first-ever watch that was produced in the watch market. Let’s learn more about mechanical watches below!

What’s mechanical watch?

Mechanical watch is a watch that uses clockwork mechanism to measure the passage of time. It was driven by a mainspring which is wounded periodically by hand or via automatic winding mechanism.


What is a mechanical watch mechanism?

Sometime during the 17th century, watchmakers were able to create a more improved watch from a spring-powered clock. You might think that is already outdated, however, its mechanical watch mechanism makes it more fascinating.


Unlike other watches, the mechanical watch uses a mechanism that is not battery-powered. You can use your bare hands in adjusting or making the watch function well. In other words, its functionality comes from the wind and the energy of the watch’s wearer.


With the mechanical watch, all you have to do is wear the watch and it will gain its power from the actions of your wrist. Thus, giving you the advantage of not spending or buying a lot of batteries to keep it working. Its mechanism of manual winding from a wound string will give you the chance of seeing how the movement works at the back of the watch.

How do mechanical watches work?

For you to clearly understand the features of a mechanical watch to your life, we are going to introduce to you its detailed components below. Check them out!


First on the list is the component used for the energy of the mechanical watch. As mentioned above, the mechanical watch doesn’t use batteries for energy. So the energy used for the spring to function is being triggered by a stem when the wearer moves his wrist. The purpose of this stem is to initiate the movement of wounding gear which also wound the mainspring of the watch.


The 3 Wheels

The wheels used in mechanical watch functions in many ways. Each wheel has separate works to do for some parts of the watch to work well. One wheel is for the minute hand while the other one is for the hour hand. The accuracy of the time in a mechanical watch varies as to how fast these wheels turn.

The Escapement System

Since mechanical watch carries three wheels which are responsible for the time accuracy of minute and hour, they need to have a controller. As you can notice the different hands of a watch don’t move in one motion. This motion is controlled by what we call the escapement system. This will control the speed of each hand in getting the correct power for its movement.

Balance Wheel

The purpose of a balance wheel in a watch is to keep the wheels moving back and forth. It uses a pin called impulse pin to end the circular motion from one wheel up to the last. So, in order to get the accuracy of the time for a mechanical watch, a balance wheel and escapement system must work together.

Best Mechanical Watches

Now that you have finally understood how each part of the mechanical watch functions, we’ll help you find the right one for you. Here we have compiled the 10 best mechanical watches that you should not miss!

Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Stainless Steel Automatic Watch

The Invicta Men’s Pro Diver watch is one of the best mechanical watches you can have for your nighttime adventures. Every watch enthusiast will love the hands of the watch that are covered with trinite making it luminous for any nighttime activities.


Although, you can see that it was labeled as an automatic watch but it uses no batteries to function. It is made to use the kinetic energy you perform while wearing it on your wrist. Furthermore, it is waterproof of up to 200m which is great for water adventures and contains bezel made of stainless steel.

Swatch Sistem51 Cream

Next on our list is the Swatch Sistem51 Cream. Swatch has always been one of the most trusted manufacturers of watches. Sistem51 Cream is considered to be the very first mechanical watch in the watch market. The design of this mechanical watch is a mix of classic and sophistication.


Even if the clasp of the strap is made of plastic, you can never go wrong with its leather strap with black dial and bezel that will complete your casual outfit. It is designed to function automatically with the use of kinetic energy too plus it’s water-resistant of up to 3bar.


Seiko 5 SNK805

The Seiko 5 SNK805 is best for everyone who is looking for a high-quality watch that is also affordable. Seiko is manufactured from Japan which is also known for creating an accurate mechanical watch for every watch enthusiast need.


A date window is one of the available features of SNK805, plus the military-themed design which has strap nylon that is coated with green colors. It also functions according to your wrist’s movement with waterproof resistance of up to 30m.

Unimatic U2-B

Unimatic offers its limited-edition mechanical watch that is extremely manufactured for every type of occasion. Its double-nylon design will surely give an awesome experience for every watch enthusiast since it is not all the time that a double strap is available in watches.


It also conveys the classic design of the case which has an oversized crown with double-domed sapphire crystal. It uses the automatic movement of Seiko NH354 which makes it possible to get an accurate time. It is considered as a versatile watch that will not back down when compared to other German watches.

Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick

The Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick is one of the most classic mechanical watches that is manufactured sophisticatedly for every watch enthusiast. It offers features like a stainless steel bracelet and case.


It has a unidirectional bezel rotation an automatic movement to keep track of the time without the use of a battery. It has a waterproof feature of up to 300 ft and 43-mm stainless case which makes it ideal for any water or outdoor activities. Furthermore, its affordability and style stand out among other mechanical watches that surely gives additional reasons why this watch is worth having.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Chronograph H32616533

One of the watches that is included in the Jazzmaster series is the Jazzmaster Chronograph H32616533. This watch can take on any challenge that the wearer is about to undergo. It has a chronograph feature from Hamiltion that can display a stopwatch feature either for hours, minutes, or seconds.


It also has an automatic feature of getting the time with the use of kinetic energy from the watch wearer. It is made with two distinct colors which are black and silver, making it ideal to be worn for any occasion. The specs of this mechanical watch are made of high-quality materials offered at a reasonable price.

Timex Marlin Automatic

Timex has always been one of the most well-known watches in the watch market today. Its latest production is Timex Marlin Automatic which is a mechanical watch. They designed the watch in a fancy and classic look.


The case is made of 40-mm stainless steel while the strap is made of leather. Its adjustable buckle will right away hook up the eyes of watch enthusiasts. Furthermore, it doesn’t only excel with its outside features but also for its 1000m waterproof resistant perfect for any swimming activities.

Bulova American Clipper

Bulova has proudly introduced its creation of mechanical watches that is sophisticated yet affordable. American Clipper features a calendar function which enables you to get the date of the day. It is not as heavy as other mechanical watches as it only weighs 64 grams with 42 mm case diameter.


It is also an automatic watch that utilizes the movement of the wrist for its power. One of the best functions of this watch that can be rarely found to other mechanical watches is its 40-hour power reserve feature. The watch is designed with two colors, which are black and silver, making it exquisite for any type of event.

It Turns To You

Now that you have finally read everything that you need to know about mechanical watches, we are sure that you already have in mind the brand of the watch you are about to buy!

Which mechanical watches do you like the best?

Just make sure to list the essential details discussed here to get your best mechanical watch partner for your next adventures!