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The Gentlemen 2019 XViD-ETRG Tygra Film Torrent Télécharger

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The Gentlemen 2019

The Gentlemen 2019 XViD-ETRG Tygra Film Torrent Télécharger

Lien de telechargement

Réalisateur : Guy Ritchie

Scénariste : Guy Ritchie (scénario), Guy Ritchie (histoire)

Avec : Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery

Action / Histoire :

Un Américain expatrié cherche à vendre un gouvernement du cannabis très lucratif à Londres en lançant des complots, des stratagèmes, de la corruption et de l’extorsion dans le but de voler son domaine.


Nom et prénom:

Format : AVI

Format / Information : Intégration audio-vidéo

Taille du fichier : 938 Mio

Durée : 1h53

Transfert de données total : 1154 kbps

Sous-titres : (HI)


Identifiant : 0

Format : MPEG-4 visuel

Format de profil : plus spécifique

Paramètre de format, BVOP : 2

Paramètres de format, QPel : Non.

Paramètres de format, GMC : pas de symboles de guerre

Paramètres de format, matrice : par défaut ()

Identifiant du codec : XVID

ID de codec / Astuce : XviD

Durée : 1 53 min

Taux de transfert de données : 1013 kbps

Largeur : 720 pixels

Hauteur : 304 pixels

Format d’image :: 1

Fréquence d’images : (24000/1001) FPS

Espace colorimétrique : YUV

Sous-échantillon de chrome : 4 : 2 : 0

Profondeur de bits : 8 bits

Type de balayage : progressif

Mode de compression : perte

Bit / (pixel frame *):

Taille du flux : 824 Mio (88 %)

Bibliothèque d’écriture : XviD 64


Identifiant : 1

Format : audio MPEG

Formater la version : version 1

Conception de profil : couche 3

Identifiant du codec : 55

ID / Astuce Codec : MP3

Durée : 1h53

Profitez du mode vitesse : continu

Taux de transfert de données : 128 kbit/s

Canaux : 2 canaux

Fréquence d’échantillonnage : kHz

Mode de compression : perte

Taille du flux : 104 Mio (11 %)

Alignement : Alignement entre les tresses

Entrelacement, durée : 24 ms (image vidéo)

Capture d’écran:

Veuillez saupoudrer le plus longtemps possible

Ou au moins 1: 1

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Adobe Photoshop 7 x64 Update Torrent

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Adobe Photoshop 7

Adobe Photoshop 7 x64 Update Torrent

Download link

An easy way to switch to Adobe Photoshop! Adobe Photoshop Update is a great way to fix bugs, improve compatibility with different programs, and speed up Adobe Photoshop. If you’ve used earlier versions of the program, it’s important to upgrade Photoshop to take advantage of many of the benefits. According to developers and users around the world, this update will improve the speed, performance, and compatibility of Adobe Photoshop with creative errors, improve compatibility, and provide other benefits. The Adobe Photoshop update is used to troubleshoot many issues that are identified. after Adobe Photoshop is released With this Photoshop update, you can get rid of many of the problems that come with using a photography program extensively. You can also troubleshoot multiple errors and errors when upgrading Photoshop. It also provides several tools for editing images and allows you to open multiple tabs without affecting system performance. Although the update is only available in English and should be downloaded manually, it is a good choice for Adobe CC (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Are you updating errors? Compared to Picasa and PhotoScape, it has some bugs when getting Photoshop 7. As a result, you may be bothered by slow speeds, scaling problems, and other problems if you use multiple tools at once. After you install the update, most of these issues are resolved immediately. Does the update also make it easier to adjust the size of the images and allow you to update the images to fit the update perfectly, improving compatibility with programs? The Adobe Photoshop update improves program compatibility, especially with QuarkXPress. This allows you to work with the various editing tools available on the web, ensuring the best image quality for you. In addition, this update makes your web sharing options more prominent, allowing you to easily share your pictures. With the update, you can open multiple windows faster, which is a big improvement over managing multiple tasks in the update, improving the interface? After you install the update, when you start the program, you’ll notice all the editing tools that are located on the left side of the screen. With this update, all images designed in Photoshop will be clearer. It also increases the contrast of images with customizable tones. In addition to changing brightness settings and removing Focus Image Viewer, Adobe Photoshop allows you to use a wide range of editing tools. If you have a good idea of ​​the program’s concepts, you can’t deny the benefits of upgrading. It provides you with additional tools, including brushes that can add color to black-and-white images. It also allows you to highlight certain areas of the installation update, most program features work better, and they automatically adjust various settings to improve image quality. This saves a lot of time. With a secure file browser, you can browse numerous files in seconds. So you can easily work on multiple images at once, allowing you to download the update faster? This update is a big patch compared to previous versions and versions of the program. It includes a number of fixes and fixes that have not been published in previous updates. When you install this update, you can customize installation scaling issues, JPEG metadatathe latest version of the basic information on repair and obvious errors. Adobe has paid close attention to stability and security. The update fixes some of the most common vulnerabilitiesthat occurred after you installed Adobe Photoshop when you installed this update; users are not at risk of becoming infected with viruses and malware when connecting to servers. Similarly, the update fixes minor but annoying stability bugs. This ensures consistent performance in many hardware configurations when you upgrade Windows. It includes a number of performance improvements, including better compatibility between 64-bit platforms. With fast performance, you can open multiple windows at once, edit images faster, and avoid scalability. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most useful and amazing software solutions in the category of editing and graphics enhancement. Compared to programs like GoPro Fusion Studio, Photoshop gets periodic updates. Over time, it will provide users with a stable and reliable utility because this particular update is only available for Windows computers. Because it is a lightweight installation package, it does not affect system performance. In fact, it ensures that Photoshop does not put a lot of pressure on other system resources and allows you to work with other programs without using Photoshop, this update allows you to effectively and correctly access the Favorites section, open dialog box, and other types of features. You’ll also benefit from a simple interface that shows everything on the left side of the main goal of Adobe Photoshop Update to give you better stability and performance. According to reports, this update meets expectations, and we hope to ensure compatibility to update Photoshop in seconds. As mentioned above, Adobe Photoshop Update solves a number of program problems. Whether you’re experiencing severe delays or minor issues, this update is a great option. It makes a number of improvements, including better QuarkXPress support, accelerated multi-tab opening, fixed-scale bugs, and more. In addition, it allows JPEG metadata to be saved correctly. Adobe Photoshop Update is a must-have download for Microsoft Windows computers.

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Windows 10 20H2 Ultra Lite X pt-BR Nov 2020 (x64) Download

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Windows 10 20H2 Ultra Lite X pt-BR Nov 2020 (x64)

Windows 10 20H2 Ultra Lite X pt-BR Nov 2020 (x64) Download

Download link

Windows 10 20H2 Ultra Lite X

to create:

Idiom: pt-BR (Nativo)

Credit: Gleison Lima

BIOS: UEFI / Legacy

format: ISO / ESD

MD5: 8289640BFC148A2F8335A8C892885FA6


Eye contact:

Desktop drive: 6 GB

======= REMOVIDO ======

teclados na tela touch

Rede – lan and Wlan FUNCIONANDO




Ignition -V

screen protectors

Metro applications

Onedrive – Mas Poderar Ser Reinstalando Novamente

NOVO Edge – installer for trabalho

Microsoft Store – INSTALADOR and read more

= OBS =

News updates, program and communion of fun devices, Acesso remoto and exhibitions radio no

The name of the menu comes from the original menu


Ordinary satellite of Bloqueio

Ativar Central de Notificaes

Newspaper effect BLUR and Tela de Bloqueio

Habilitar Servio de Impressora


===== DESATIVADO ====


Animaes and Windows DESATIVADO

Sombra em janelas and course DESATIVADO

Tela de Bloqueio DESATIVADA

Impact of BLUR on Tela de Bloqueio DESATIVO

::::: EDIES ::::::

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro + DEF

1 edition: Windows Defender

2 Edition: Windows Def

com supports the new ATUALIZAES de segurana and ATUALIZAES de futuras Builds!

::::: OBS ::::::::

If you read stairs with all components and drivers support the new Atualizaes de segurana na Atualizaes

the future Lob.

Telemetry and privacy dasativada

DESISTALADOS todos os apps menus and calculations –

com Software support software.

Microsoft Store and Captura mobile app and paste Windows UltraOS no entries

Pasta UltraOS PROGRAMS have no base, so web-based installers

When installing Quando IMPRESSORA, opo corrigir uses an impressora which is not a CONTEXTO Ferramentas list.

Comments Barra de Pesquisa funcionando

:::: INTEGRADO ::::



MS Dart Boot

Novos shows a window

Novo Windows Wallpaper


Anti-Fresh Installation

Install Windows Defender

Kaspersky installer

Panda Installer

Install Avast

Installation of Navegadores

Install Chrome

Install Firefox


Installador Opera GX

Maximum Installador Edge

essential software

Installador 7Zip

Install WinRAR


Microsoft Install Store





Build 21H1

ISO conditions:

Architecture: x64

Desktop Disco: 11 GB


MD5: 3791B07382566167D5CC41A07D0CE37A

Credit: Gleison Lima

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Windows 10 Entreprise LTSC 2019 torrent

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Windows 10 Entreprise LTSC 2019

Windows 10 Entreprise LTSC 2019 torrent

Download link

Windows 10 enterprise LTSC 1809 64-bit (Launched January 2020)

Nouvelle itration hbx base sur la version empresa ltsc 1809. Heavy modification mainly aimed at simple engines, for basic use. (web, office automation)

SHA-1: e8328e5b2674484bf1f2d839ecce3e105dcf7272

MD5: dea81347dd7e4e2ef1fc837ff5da65a1

CRC32: 7dd5a9b9

Configuration Requirements:

Processor 32 to 64 bit (x86-x64) 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with premium through PAE, NX and SSE2

At least 1-2 GB RAM or + if 64 bit (like beer, again + is better): lol:

At least 16-20 GB of available hard drive space

DVD-ROM drive (if serious on DVD)

Microsoft keyboard and mouse or other compatible assessment device

Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics card with WDDM driver

Sound card (if needed)

Speakers or headphones (if needed)

Installation procedure:

– Burn iso to DVD5-9 with slow speed and boot from this DVD

– Or use software like “Rufus” to burn to a USB stick. (at least 4-8 GB) RECOMMENDED!!

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Windows 10 20H2 AIO Office 365 x64 pt-BR Setembro 2020 Torrent

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Windows 10 20H2 AIO + Office 365 x64 pt-BR Setembro 2020

Windows 10 20H2 AIO + Office 365 x64 pt-BR Setembro 2020 Torrent

Download link


Windows 10 20H2 AIO 23 September 2020


Win10 Home – Office 365

Win10 Pro – Office 365

Win10 Home Single Language – Office 365

Win10 Education – Office 365

Win10 Pro Education – Office 365

Win10 Pro Workstation – Office 365

Win10 Enterprise – Office 365


Net framework

MS Dart 10

Office 365 Pro Plus

Type of office

Updates – 23rd SET 2020

NOTE: Disable Office Teams if there is a control and disruption program

build windows:

to build an office:

Tamanho: GB

Credits: Gleison Lima

Architecture: x64

Idiom: portugus-BR

BIOS: UEFI / Inherited

shape: ISO / ESD

Md5: 6A12A9EF9E74F1201E2E0F305E4FF111

Written by Gleison Lima

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PDF To Word Converter Free torrent download

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PDF To Word Converter Free

PDF To Word Converter Free torrent download

Download link

Free and convenient PDF converter for WindowsPDF to Word Free is a seamless cloud PDF converter. Most PDF applications do not allow editing documents, but this application allows you to edit PDF documents in MS Word files, preserving the original layout and formatting. This PDF application is a great alternative to saving time for manual copying and pasting of text for editing in UniPDF, a free Word to PDF converter and PDF to Doc. This program comes with a simpler interface that allows you to edit PDF files without too much ((function {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Easily convert PDF files to Word PDF documents to Word Free is a popular cloud-based document conversion software. It is designed to convert PDF files into editable MS Word documents. Because the software comes with a built-in PDF preview, you don’t need to install a separate application for it. The application uses a powerful conversion mechanism that allows you to convert almost PDF documents to Word Free, easy to use? With a free PDF download in Word, you don’t have to worry about losing the original layout or format, and you don’t have to copy and paste text into another application. You can easily use the converter to convert PDF to DOC or DOCX files. The tool collects information from PDF and translates everything into a Word DOC document. Sometimes you can see subtle differences in the layout of the document. This happens with large files or files with too many images. Most often, the converted document looks exactly like the original PDF. This is a lightweight PDF converter and will not affect your system resources. Plus, the simple interface allows you to navigate through features without having to select a range of pages? Sometimes it is not necessary to convert the entire document. In such cases, the free program is an ideal choice for converting PDF files sinceas you can select specific pages to convert to a separate DOC file. This feature is useful for retrieving certain information from large PDF documents. It also helps you reduce the space required to store the copy. If you need specific data points on specific thesis pages, you can easily extract the selected text as a Word document. This is a more convenient solution than converting the whole thesis to a few pages. The PDF to Word converter can be used to extract information from long chunks of text to create presentations, reference articles, and other edits from PDF to Word. Because most PDFs retain their layout, they often contain many images. If you do not need the images, you can select the option to skip image conversion. On the other hand, if you want to save some images, but not all, you need to save all the images and delete the ones you don’t have. The document will be converted to a Word file, the images will become part of the page and can be deleted using the crop or delete option. If you want the images to be as separate JPEG files, you can simply place them on a new page in Adobe Photoshop or this may result in a loss of quality, but is it useful to choose whether to extract images from the PDF or About the Pro version? Unfortunately, the free version of the program does not support batch conversion. Therefore, to convert PDF files, you need to download and convert each document individually. Although the process requires more manual intervention, the program supports fast conversions. If you need to convert large amounts of documents, the Pro version is the best option and also comes with another additional one-time payment, the Pro version supports batch PDF conversions. Plus, it comes with a free trialto test additional features. Compared to the free version of the program, PDF to Word Pro is entirely cloud-based and can be used in any leading Pro version of a PDF converter. It uses artificial intelligence to allow the user to recognize and convert tables, paragraphs, numbered lists, bullets, newspaper columns, images, and other formatting features. This is very useful for someone who regularly works with a number of PDF documents, says that if you are looking for a simple PDF converter, the free version of the software will suffice. It is fast, supports cloud-based conversions and comes with a simple interface that is great for beginners. Most importantly, the program supports the quality and formatting of the converted PDF converter, easy to use and cloud-based. PDF to Word Free is a powerful, reliable and fast cloud-based PDF converter. The converted documents retain the original formatting, and you can select a set of pages to convert, with or without images. The program is light and runs in the background without taking up too many resources. The application is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, making it a universal PDF converter for multiple devices. This is definitely a useful program for anyone who works with PDF files.

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Green Book 2018 DVDRip yify torrent townload

Seeds: 21 Peers: 27

Green Book 2018

Green Book 2018 DVDRip yify torrent townload

Download link


Format: AVI

File Size: GiB

Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes

Total data transfer rate: 1,572 kb/s


ID: 0

Format: MPEG-4 Visual

Codec ID: XVID

Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes

Data transfer rate: 1 307 kb/s

Width: 720 pixels

Height: 368 pixels


ID: 1

Format: AC-3

Format / Information: Audio Encoding 3

Commercial Name: Dolby Digital

Codec ID: 2000

Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes

Data transfer rate: 256 kb/s

Channels: 2 Channels


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UltraViewer x86-x64 download

Seeds: 31 Peers: 10


UltraViewer x86-x64 download

Download link

Free UltraViewer remote control software is a free software that enables remote support between two computers. Windows UltraViewer is very important in the development and status of IT and allows the client to focus on security during IT resolution while maintaining the option to turn off monitoring. This is a product of DucFabulous Development Development Science Co., Ltd. and are useful tools and a safe way to connect two computers without (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Direct IT support from anywhere to download UltraViewer is for IT. Before third-party tools like UltraViewer, when a software or malware problem occurred, the computer had to be taken with technical support by hand. The process was slow, frustrating, and often costly. Fortunately, those days are over: Instant Support UltraViewer Assistant is a fast and easy way to support technology that eliminates travel and reduces the time spent on a busy PC. The end user sends an automatically identifiable ID and password to everyone to allow remote access. Once the problem is solved, the end user can disable the remote by simply closing the software technician’s view. Once your client sends you the ID and password shown, you can use UltraViewer to help your customers quickly and easily with repeated questions and commands. You should no longer share your screen and specify where to click, or remain silent and check the status of progress bars or download times. You have direct control over the respective computers, speeding up the process and helping your customers chat and transfer files. Once you control your partner, you can press the standard hotkey (F1) to talk to the client. This will open a dialog window in which you can share links, answer quick questions, or even send and receive files to speed up the resolution process. This instant communication at work gives your client a calming knowledge when you remove anything that may be bad or contain unwanted software packages or unsupported support that are safe and free. The middle man. If you are already worried about giving a technician access to your files, risk-free people are faced with the option of adding new software to a PC that is already in poor condition. As a result, security has become a major part of UltraViewer’s design and marketing, and more importantly, some can only use your computer if you have provided them with your UltraViewer ID and password. New IDs and passwords are also generated randomly each time you use the software to further improve the logins / information generated, which means that anyone who has ever taken control of your computer will do so with the same old Number no longer. The basic function of UltraViewer is, in fact, that it enables remote access, while at the same time looking at the processes running on your own screen it can display. Since the host can see everything the controller does, UltraViewer ensures that when you sign up for a new UltraViewer account, personal information like name, email, phone and language will be requested. The service therefore uses cookies to store this information in your browser. UltraViewer guarantees on its website that even this (even if small) informationpersonal information will never be approved, sold or otherwise sold, and the password you use when you log in is also securely hidden by UltraViewer. The service provides a one-way encryption layer so that it cannot encrypt your password in turn. In addition, the strength of your password is up to you. As always, long lengths with different letters and numbers provide strength against TeamViewerUltraViewer is an excellent remote support product, but not the only one on the market. Options like AnyDesk, UltraVNC and Ammy Admin are almost interchangeable products. The most popular competitor for viewers in this market is TeamViewer. TeamViewer offers the same functionality as UltraViewer and is an equally elegant type of remote support. The main cave with TeamViewer, however, is what it says on their website. TeamViewer is not a free service – even if you only set it up for personal use. If you use it for a long time (which is normal because a computer with such problems often happens frequently), you will find that your use will be recognized and therefore compromised by advertising (non-free); Repeated users will encounter a purchase error each time they join TeamViewer and will eventually be required to purchase a license. TeamViewer is primarily a commercial software and while it may outperform UltraViewer in other services, TeamViewer has a commercial pricing label. That said, it’s expensive. Since UltraViewer does the same thing for free, TeamViewer is not worth the investment if you are looking for an elegant Windows solution. Installation of UltraViewer is very easy. All you need to do is download it and run the instant installation and install the wizard like any other app. To uninstall UltraViewer, go to Start – Control Panel – Add or Remove Programs and select Remove UltraViewer. If you are still reluctant to download UltraViewer for security reasons, another full download is also recommended. However, users can download the UltraViewer’s zip file to run the software without downloading it. In this case, the file remains the same size, but some functions do not exist. These functions are listed in the document column, tutorials and other Frequently Asked Questions which are also provided free of charge directly on your computer controller, free of charge and easyUltraViewer is a free, easy way with remote IT support (and other laptop), compatible with Windows XP, Windows Server, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Unfortunately there is currently no compatible version of MacOS or Linux at the expense of the product. Although UltraViewer does its job very well under Windows, this product is a direct hit for IT users; If your client uses a different operating system, UltraViewer makes no sense at all.

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