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Guangzhou Watch Market: The Business Guide

Today I will introduce you something about Guangzhou watch markets.

In this post, you will learn:

  • Basic information about Guangzhou watch market
  • Directions about 10 Guangzhou watch markets
  • Branded copy watches in Guangzhou watch markets
  • 8 tips for buying replica watches

Without further ado, let’s dive in:

Introduction About Guangzhou Watch Market

Situated in the ZhanXi Lu, Yuexiu District in Guangzhou City is a low-budget watch paradise that offers a plethora of affordable branded copy watches; watch accessories; and watch fittings, the Guangzhou Watch Market. Available in the Guangzhou watch market are unlimited watches of all kinds and styles, and you can even find there some of the latest released and most popular luxury watch imitations. Watch repair services are also available there.


Involved in the watch wholesale business in this watch market is not limited to any Guangzhou watch factory in the area but also over 3,000 other companies from all over China, which makes the Guangzhou watch market one of the largest cheap replica watch markets in the world. The companies comprising the Guangzhou watch market range from larger-scale businesses, including some of the most famous watch factories to smaller businesses.


The Guangzhou watch market has nine installments, each established gradually in succession to the other, as the watch market gained more popularity among re-sellers and consumers. In its area are large and small wholesale centers with an array of shops that provide various choices.


You can be lucky to get from this watch market an excellent timepiece with a notable watch brand for just 500 to 2000 yuan.

Directions About 10 Guangzhou Watch Markets

As the Guangzhou Watch Market’s watch business flourished over time, it had expanded to several markets, making a total of nine markets as listed below:

  •  Zhanxi Clocks And Watches City

Zhanxi Clocks And Watches City

Zhanxi watch center was opened in 1999, it is a 4 stories building. The shops are in the first floor and the second floor and mainly run clocks & watches  as well as accessories, it is the first high end watch market.

Address:No.65, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District,Guangzhou

  • Guangzhou Southern International Watch Center

Guangzhou Southern International Watch Center

Guangzhou Southern International Watch Center is a large clock & watches wholesale markets, it covers 25,000 square meters with about 2000 shops, almost all of the Chinese famous watch brands gathered in this market, it is the largest clocks & watches market in the Zhanxi Circle.

Address:No.59, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District,Guangzhou

  • SanYi Clocks And Watches Market

Sanyi Clocks&Watches Market

Sanyi Clocks And Watches Market is a large middle end men’s watches and women’s watches wholesale and retail market, it covers about 5000 square meters and there are about 600 shops and office in the building.

Address:No.61, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District,Guangzhou

  • East Watch City

East Watch City

East watch city was created in 1997, it is a business building with 6 floors and covers about 3000 square meters, it mainly run clocks, watches and accessories.

Address: No.6, North Street, Zhanxi Road,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou

  • New Kowloon Watch Center

Zhanxi Kowloon Watch Center

Zhanxi Kowloon watch center is a small watches wholesale market, there are area A and area B. And 78 shops stayed in area A while 61 shops stayed in area B.

Address:No.63, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District,Guangzhou

  • Haiying Clock & Watch City

Haiying Clock & Watch City

Haiying Clock & Watch City is mainly clocks and watches and their accessories wholesale market, there are about 100 shops that spread in the first floor and the second floor.

Address:No.3, North Street, Zhanxi Road,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou

  • Mongkok International Watch Center

Mongkok International Watch Center

Mongkok International Watch Center is one of the largest clocks and watches market, there is watches wholesalers and retailers in the market and there are about 500 clocks and watches shops inside the market.

  • Yifa Commercial Trading Plaza 

Yifa Commercial Trading Plaza 

Yifa Commercial Trading Plaza is a clocks and watches and the watches accessories wholesale market, the shops in the market mainly supply the domestic watches distributors.

Address: Western North Street, Zhanxi Road,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou

  • Rightway Clock & Watch Center

Rightway Clock & Watch Center

Rightway Clock & Watch Center is a wholesale watch market and there are stocks and the supplier there also offer watches custom services. There are about 200 registered suppliers in this building.

Address:No.5, North Street, Zhanxi Road,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou

  • Guozhan Clocks And Watch City

Guozhan Clocks And Watch Market

Guozhan Clocks And Watch City is a low end clock & watches wholesale market, it mainly sell stock clocks and watches.

Address: No.68,Western Guangyuan Road,Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

You can find the locations of these watch markets in the Guangzhou wholesale markets map via Google Maps.


Branded Copy Watches in Guangzhou Watch Market

At times, there are replica watches that are really of great quality that you couldn’t really tell they’re just imitations. With so many available in the Guangzhou Watch Market, it’ll be easy to find a fine replica watch there. Below are some of the most popular Guangzhou watch brands:


  • Rolex
  • Patek Philipe
  • Audemars Piguet
  • Jaeger-Le Coulter
  • Breguet
  • Cartier
  • Montblanc
  • Corum
  • Omega
  • Tissot
  • Tag Heuer
  • Guess
  • Casio
  • Seiko


8 Tips for Buying Replica Watches

#1 Ask Someone in the Store About the Watches

Get to know the necessary details on the watches they sell like the brands, kinds, features, complications, and etc. This can help in getting the exact watch you want, to see whether they have what you’re looking for or not.


#2 Photos Can Come Handy

The pronunciation of some brands for the Chinese can be different, and they don’t usually display real samples at their counters to avoid getting in trouble with the cops. So in talking with the Chinese vendors, showing them some photos can be helpful for easier communication.


#3 Bring a Loupe With You


Especially if you’re very particular with mechanisms, you can bring a loupe to check the watches’ mechanisms.


#4 Haggle

An advantage that you can have at wholesale centers is that you can get a good bargain by haggling with vendors. You can negotiate with a vendor a price you both can agree with for purchase, especially in some cases when the price is rather high. It may also help to learn a few Chinese phrases to convince a vendor with charm.


#5 Enquire About Their Return Policy and Warranty

The return policy and warranty are two important things a watch replica store should have. Make sure of this, so that you can have a secure purchase. That way, you can return a watch when it has a defect, or you can have a watch fixed by the company without costing you.

But you should also check if they have any absurd rules on returns, which is a red flag. Also, the warranty must cover a reasonable period; usually it’s at a minimum of six months.


#6 Look Around Different Stores and Compare

Especially in large markets, where there are several stores, you can have a lot of options. Find out the differences in what the stores can offer in terms of quality, price, and services. Then you can choose from them the best for you.


#7 Avoid Shipping in a Large Quantity

It can be risky having a large quantity of replica watches shipped, for the watches may get confiscated; you may be fined; or you may even face charges for it.

Although it may be legal to own replica watches in most countries, importing and selling them may be considered illegal. On the contrary, while some countries may have loose policies, some customs are stringent when it comes to the import of replica watches. So there really is a high risk that the custom may seize replica watches.

In countries like UK; US; and Australia, you won’t get into trouble. But in Italy; Denmark; and France, it can be a problem.


#8 Additional Tip in Terms of Repairs, Maintenance, or Adjustments: Never Take a Replica Watch to an Authorized Dealer

Replica watches are illegal, so to avoid getting into any trouble, don’t ever take your replica watch to an authorized dealer.

If there’s a need for a bracelet adjustment, you can also just adjust it yourself, or if you want, you may also take your watch to an independent watch battery/strap seller that can be found in malls and street markets.

When it comes to more complicated matters, you can search for a replica-friendly independent watchmaker. Moreover, you may also ask for some help at the Replica Watch Guide Forum if anyone knows where to find one.

Final Thoughts

Why not start to make your own watch brand?

Most of the watches manufacturer in China provide watches OEM, ODM services and they can design, make watches according to your requirement.

So make your own private label watches is not difficult if you can find the reliable watch manufacturers.

Have you been to Guangzhou watch maket?

Are you still looking for a reliable watch manufacturer in China?

Tell us your current obstacles in the comment below and we will offer you some help.