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How to Wear Your Wrist Watch The Right Way

Upon purchasing watches, the important thing that should concern you is the #1 rule for watch etiquette. Even if your watch comes from the most luxury brands and has the greatest features if you don’t know how properly wear it, it will be nothing. Yes! You’ve read that right! The value of your watch can sometimes be determined as to how you wear it.

In this article, we’ll talk about the following topics that the folks care about:

  • Which hand to wear watch
  • 8 Watch rules all MEN should follow
  • How to wear your wrist watch in a right way

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

which hand to wear watch

Which Wrist Should You Wear Your Watch On?

If you are the men who are still confused about which hand to wear a watch whether left or right, then let us help you get these concepts correctly. The debate about the right positioning of the watch is never-ending. Many times you might see a person wearing the watch on his left wrist, while some are on the right wrist.


Wearing Watches On the Right Wrist

Some would often say that you can wear your watch as to where it feels more comfortable. Since there some people who are left-handed, they also wear their watches on their right wrists. The rule says that you should wear your watch to your non-dominant hand. The majority of what other men do is also what being followed with regards to which hand to wear a watch.

Benefits of Wearing Watches On the Right Wrist

  • It is ideal for the self-wind watch since your right wrist is the one doing the works than the left one.
  • If you are left-handed and you love to write, reduce the pressure you’re feeling by wearing your watch on the right wrist.
  • If your right hand is your dominant hand, you can comfortably wear heavy or big watches.
  • If the winding crown is on the left side, you will have the best access to it by wearing the watch on the right wrist.
  • If you used your left hand to eat, your right wrist will secure your watch when you have to wash your hands. Thus, you no longer have to wear them off every time.
  • If your right eye is more dominant in range than the left, then you can see it better through the right wrist.
  • Expert says that your most dominant hand is the hand where you are more focused on, thus reducing the chances of you losing your watch absent-mindedly.

Wearing Watches On the Left Wrist

You have probably read this on the internet or heard it from someone that wearing watches on the left wrist is the best answer as to which hand to wear a watch. This is the most common norm about watches, although it is no longer followed by everyone. Since almost everyone is right-handed, the positioning of their watches lies to their left-hand too.

Benefits of Wearing Watches On the Left Wrist

  • If your left hand is not your dominant hand, you will have easy access to it even if the right hand is doing some work.
  • If the winding crown of your watch is on the right side, you can easily adjust them with your right hand.
  • Your right dominant hand may be busy doing things, so placing the watch on your left wrist gives you the most convenient way of checking the time.
  • You can reduce the pressure you are feeling on the right hand, by wearing watches on the left wrist.
  • It will be easy for you to tie your watch if your right hand is your dominant hand.
  • If your left eye is more dominant in range than the right, then you can see it better through the left wrist
  • Since you often used your right hand, wearing a watch on the left secures it from any damages.
  • The pressure you feel on your left wrist when wearing your watch will not interfere with the things you have to do with your hand.

how to wear your watch

8 Watch Rules ALL MEN Should Follow

As much as you want to wear your watch for style or for personal use, there are rules that you should strictly follow in order to keep everything appropriate. So, whether you are wearing a formal suit and tie or just your casual outfit, knowing the rules will keep you updated.


Ever wondered what are the watch rules you should know when wearing a watch? Let’s take a look at the top 8 watch rules we have compiled below to keep you and your watch looking luxurious as ever.

1. Wear the watch that suits best for your style or outfit.

You can’t just pick a watch because it is expensive or it makes the biggest noise in the watch market as of today. It has to be as accurate as your style in order to blend it with your everyday outfit. For example, if you have to go swimming, the watch you wear should have waterproof features just like how you allow your beachwear to get soak in the water.

2. Wear a watch that’s not too big for your wrist.

Oversized watches are no longer a popular trend. Aside from the heaviness or pressure it might add to your wrist, it may not look good for the outfit you are wearing. Although big watches can easily catch the attention of other people, thus giving you a style. However, it will make your wrist look small and may cover the entirety of the watch’s other features.

3. Set your watch at the top of your wrist.

If you saw someone who wears his watch under his wrist, don’t ever think of doing the same. That’s totally a no-no for the rules we have as to how you should wear your watch. Sitting your watch on top will let you access the time easily. Furthermore, it will protect your watch from any damage as putting it underneath might lead to a lot of scratches.

4. Avoid wearing watches that give too much sparkle.

Blings that sparkles are mostly for girls. So if you are planning to wear a watch with a lot of flashy jewelry around it, then you should disregard the thought of wearing it. Never wear a watch that will make you look feminine. Your gender should define you. Thus, if being a man has to require you to wear dark but simple and elegant watches, so be it.

5. Wear your watches according to your everyday schedule.

If you often convinced yourself that is okay to wear the same watch for three or more days, you got it wrong. Aside from your workmates or anyone around you might notice that you are wearing the same watch, it would be best if you match according to the activities you are into for the day. Furthermore, if you are really a watch enthusiast, you will know how important to let your watches to rest and have a break.

6. Match the color of your watch to your outfit.

We know that you are familiar with how you color blend your top and bottom outfits and this goes the same for your watch. For daytime activities, it is normal that you wear light outfits in order to feel fresh while facing the scorching heat of the sun. You have to match this with your watch that is lighter colored too. For night time, you can either choose to wear dark watches that will blend with the darkness of the night.

7. Stop asking the brand of other men’s watches.

It is no question that sometimes we often admire the watches of other men. For this reason, we might approach them and ask about it, which is a very good thing for a conversation. However, there are limits to the questions you’ll have to ask about the watch. Never ask about the price, model, and brand of the watch they are wearing. It is the only way that you can’t humiliate a person with the type of watches they can only afford.

8. Stop checking your watch every once in a while.

It is very important to know which hand to wear a watch in order to keep track of the time with just one hand. However, checking your watch every once in a while can have a negative hint to the people around you. For example, if you are on a date, it might intimidate the person you’re with. She might think that you are boasting the type of watch you are wearing or you aren’t excited to spend the time with her.

Psychology Of Wearing Watch In Right Hand


Now that we have finally reveal to you the right way of which hand to wear a watch, we are very confident that you can now position your watch according to your comfort. It’s a good thing that we have already discussed all the right things and rules in wearing a watch.

However, there are times that you have to trust in your own alternative style by matching your outfit with your customized watches. So, the most essential thing that you should consider is to wear it according to what feels best for you!


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