There are many characteristics that make a board member successful including wealth and social connections to experience in a particular field. But there are certain intangibles that help make a good director great for the job, like the ability to think outside of the box and remain neutral when discussing controversial issues.

It’s equally important for boards to have members who have the appropriate communication skills, since they will be sharing sensitive information within and out of meetings. Board members must be competent in communicating effectively in both written and verbal form. having a strong work ethic and a desire to perform well for the organization is an additional quality of a good board member.

A well-balanced composition of board members is vital to the success of a charity. Creative directors can give a fresh perspective to issues that may be stuck or not being properly addressed. Likewise, the addition of a financial expert can help ensure that important financial issues are being considered from all angles.

The nominating board must spend the time needed to ensure that the new board members have the proper knowledge and are independent. A good nomination committee will be looking for candidates with a wide range of skills, including knowledge of the nonprofit’s operations, strategy, and stakeholders. It is vital that the board doesn’t have overlaps in memberships since this could hinder its effectiveness.