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Watches:Mechanical vs Automatic vs Quartz

They say that time is the most precious gift you can give to a person since time plays an important role to keep everything in your life smooth-sailing and stress-free. With this being said, the best type of watch with a great feature of mechanism is a must-have for you to organize your time and everyday schedule well.

However, with the various types of watch classifications available in the market today, you might be wondering which one suits your taste in regards to the accuracy of watch movements.

Quartz Watch

No worries, guys! We’ve got you covered! We are going to help you choose the best watch movement for you!

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What are the 3 types of watch movements?

There are 3 types of watch movements, the mechanical watch, automatic watch, and quartz watch. These movements are considered to be the most important component of a watch since they are the ones that move the hands of the timepiece.

What is a Mechanical watch?

The first thing that you can notice in a mechanical watch is the movement of the second hand in a sweeping motion. It is an old-fashioned movement that only requires energy from a wound string and a manual hand winding to keep it working continuously.

What is an Automatic watch?

From the word “automatic”, an automatic watch is easily operated through the natural motion of the wrist of the person wearing the watch. Unlike mechanical, you don’t have to worry about winding the time in an automatic watch since it uses kinetic energy every time you wear it.

What is a Quartz watch?

You can also easily determine a quartz watch among the others because its second hand is moving in a tick-tock motion every second. Its main power comes from a battery that sends an electric circuit for the watch to function well.

Automatic Watch vs Quartz Watch

Let’s help you get into an in-depth analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the automatic watch vs quartz watch by compiling all needed information about how durable and reliable they are for you. You can find them out by reading the tables below.

Automatic Watch

Quartz Watch vs Automatic Watch Durability (Table 1)

Quartz Watch Automatic Watch
● Since the quartz watch uses a battery as the main power to keep everything functioning, its lifespan mostly depends on the battery too.

● Batteries usually last for a few years before you can change it.

● The durability of an automatic watch depends on how often you use the watch since it uses self-winding or kinetic energy directly from your own wrist.

● Failure to wear the watch as often as possible may lead the watch to malfunction.

Quartz Watch vs Automatic Watch Reliability (Table 2)

Quartz Watch Automatic Watch
● A quartz watch is very reliable for it is battery powered which makes timekeeping accurate.

● As long as the battery is working, you don’t have to wear them all the time to keep track of the correct time.

● The accuracy of time can only be late for about 20 seconds per month.

● The reliability of an automatic watch mainly depends on how often you wear them.

● If not being wear for too long, its time accuracy will be questionable since it has to be worn in order to function well.

● The accuracy of time can be late for about several minutes per month.

Mechanical Watch vs Automatic Watch

Next on the list is the comparison of how mechanical vs automatic watch differs with regards to their durability and reliability also. Let’s take a look at the two tables presented below.

Mechanical Watch vs Automatic Watch Durability (Table 1)

Mechanical Watch Automatic Watch
● A mechanical watch uses mainspring to keep it functioning. Therefore, the durability of the watch depends on the regulation of spring.

● It can last long and can also be repaired, unlike an automatic watch.

● The automatic watch will only last long if you utilize the kinetic energy of wearing them on your wrist.

● The inability to wear the watch as regularly as conceivable may lead the watch to breakdown.

Mechanical Watch vs Automatic Watch Reliability (Table 2)

Mechanical Watch Automatic Watch
● The accuracy of the time mainly depends on the remaining power capacity of the winding intervals.

● You may need to do the winding daily in order to get the best possible time of the day.

● The time of a mechanical watch is less accurate than an automatic watch.

● The dependability of a programmed watch fundamentally relies upon how regularly you wear them.

● If not being wear for a really long time, its time exactness will be faulty since it must be worn so as to capacity well.

● The precision of time can be late for around a few minutes of the month.

Quartz Watch vs Mechanical Watch

Last on our lists is the comparison of how durable and reliable quartz watch vs mechanical watches are! Let’s find out from the tables below upon which of these features and powers are fit for your taste!

Quartz Watch vs Mechanical Watch Durability (Table 1)

Quartz Watch Mechanical Watch
● Since the quartz watch utilizes a battery as the principle capacity to keep everything working, its life expectancy, for the most part, relies upon the battery as well.

● Batteries normally keep going for a couple of years before you can change it.

● A mechanical watch utilizes mainspring to keep it working. Therefore, the toughness of the watch relies upon the spring.

● It can keep going long and can likewise be fixed, not normal for the usually programmed watch.

Quartz Watch vs Mechanical Watch Reliability (Table 2)

Quartz Watch Mechanical Watch
● A quartz watch is truly dependable for it is battery fueled which makes timekeeping precise.

● For whatever length of time that the battery is working, you don’t need to wear them all the time to monitor the exact time.

● The precision of time must be late for around 20 seconds out of each month.

● The exactness of the time relies upon the rest of the power limit of the winding intervals.

● You may need to do the twisting day by day so as to get the most ideal time.

● The hour of a mechanical watch is less exact than a programmed watch such as quartz and automatic.

What is the best type of watch movement?

If you’re a person who is really passionate about how watches are designed long before, then the craftsmanship of a mechanical watch would best fit for you. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper watch with less hassle and maintenance but still function well, then the quartz watch is going to be a good choice for you.

Quartz Watch

Additionally, the automatic watch is something that you should consider if you’re into great artistry just like how everything automatically functions today. In short, the best type of watch movement only depends on what type of specific feature you are looking for.

Before send your watch designs to a watch manufacturer for OEM or ODM, it is very important to tell them the watch movement type you would like.


Whatever may be your choice of these three watch movements you have read above, you should always think about how meticulously crafted the internal mechanisms of the watch before jumping to the external factors!

Yes! You’ve read that right! Always remember to get the best internal mechanisms of a watch aside from the designs, brands, and colors that you’re usually looking for!