Watches Industry News Round Up-April 2019

The watches industry changes very fast since the fierce competition from all over the world. But if the news covered in this roundup is any indication, time waits for no one.

Baseworld 2019 Watch Trends & Industry Outlook


Swatch Group and its litany brands were absent on Baseworld 2019. Some people fear that Baseworld will collapse since the Swatch Group and other smaller companies gone. While modern high-end watch industry might reach a low point, but we hope it will start to rise again.

The Swatch Group held meetings with invited retailers (not media) in Zurich, which is about 1.5 hours away from Basel via train.

There are two trends in the watch industry. One is that 80% or more of new product decisions today are attempting to produce “me too” watches that seem to fit within consumer spending habits.

Another trend is colors are the “new gold” watches.

5 Top Wrist Watch Trends From Baselworld 2019


As the world’s largest watch fair, Baseworld is the place to spot the newest wristwatch trends for the coming year. According to the observation of  professional Journalist Robert Naas who is experienced in the watches industry, she found the 5 top wrist watch trends in 2019:

  • Vintage Inspired– Vintage inspired watches are often scaled thinner and smaller, with 45mm refining to 42mm, 42mm shrinking to 40mm, 40mm to 39mm, and so on down the line. Slimmer cases also emerge, and the race for the ultra-thin watch continues.
  • 3D Innovation– Three-dimensional almost space-age-looking watches.
  • Infusion Of Color –While blue is still a clear leader, this year green is the new blue.
  • Useful Functions — With multiple time zones on it, or a GMT or world timer. Calendar watches offer day, date, month, moon phase, leap year and more.
  • High-Tech Materials– New alloys are coming into play in a very big way. Some brands are even investing heavily in their own R&D to develop materials unique to them.