The Essential Watch Tools

  • Multifunction Timegrapher

Multifunction Timegrapher is a tool to test the watch movement function. It can test how fast and slow the watch runs per day, if the error is +/- 20s per day, you will have to adjust it.

  • Demagnetizer

Demagnetizer can test which make your watch less accurate then you can be able to find where the problem.


  • Spring Bar Tool

Spring bar tool is an effective tool to help you change your watch strap or bracelet. If you would like to standing out in the crowd or be unique with your watch, this is a good tool for you.

Spring Bar Tool

  • Watch bracelet holder

If you would like to adjust your watch bracelet length, a watch bracelet holder is helpful. You can put your bracelet on the watch bracelet holder , and use the hammer on the pin pusher.

Watch Brackelet Holder

  • Loupe

Loupe is a tool that can check every detail of your watch and identify whether the watch you purchased is fake or not.


  • Watch Case Opening Ball

If you want to check your watch movement, opening the caseback of your watch is a must. Watch case opening ball is helpful in most of the time when you open your watch caseback with it. It is a small plasic ball which is always helpful.

Watch Case Opening Ball

  • Scale

There are multiple purposes for scales. For the authentic watches, it often with a certain weight, but the fake watch are usually use bad quality watch movement, watch case and watch strap, and it would be lighter in this case.

We can also use scale to weigh the package before we sent it to a shipping agent.


  • Microfiber Cloth

The microfiber cloth is used to clean the watch case, watch face and bracelet. You can find how much dirt it accumulate on your watch when you clean by microfiber cloth.

Microfiber Cloth

  • Watch Winder

Watch winders areĀ  a good box for store your watches and keep them clean and display in an order. Watch collectors are often a big fan of watch winders since they can really protect the watches which were not worn right now.

Watch Winder