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7 Best Watch Exhibitions That You Should Attend

Any industry around the world takes trade shows and exhibitions in the most significant cities across top countries — a gathering of industry experts, enthusiasts, and media to promote business, awareness, and excitement.

Attending trade shows is very valuable. The impact to you as either end-user or business person is highly effective. You will not miss out the potential profit that you will be making.

watches tradeshow

Watches exhibition is one of the luxury trade show in the world. It is more like a special watch market with thousands of watch companies from worldwide gather into a same place at the same time.

Both women and men love to wear watches. Watches are a status symbol.

The top reason why people buy and wear a watch with great craft:

  • Convenience with style
  • Maximize functionality without the need to maintain the amount of energy or battery
  • Simplicity
  • Create and fit with your style
  • Embodies craftsmanship showcasing tradition and history

The best watches are showcased during the watch exhibitions. Visiting watches exhibitions is worth an investment. It is about weighing risks versus reward. You get the gut-feeling of the watches and the creators to know the best quality of watches.

Why Attending Watch Trade Shows

Raise Brand Awareness

A watch exhibition is an excellent opportunity to raise your knowledge and awareness on the brand among industry of professionals as well as the key decision-makers that matter. Often, it can be difficult for newbies to get a foothold in the event and industry depending on the interest. Thus, the raising of brand awareness at a trade show is a relatively straightforward manner.

Here are some tips for you to look out and consider the best watch manufacturer:

  • The graphics of the design which emphasize the logo and key message is strategically in place to catch your attention. It means that the manufacturer is establishing its integrity and confidence in their brand.
  • Check out social media information. Check also who are those in the netizens are liking and giving interests and useful comments on their watches. In an exhibition, expect that the followers of the social media account of the manufacturer are the top buyers to signify the products during the exhibit.
  • The booth of small but excellent watch manufacturing players is set near the proximity of blue-chip watch companies. It will help enhance their presence and gather the attention of watch lovers. Conversely, never ignore these manufacturers because they can give you a better, cost-efficient, and quality watches that fits your needs, style, and wants.


Forge Business Relationships

The top interest of attending watch exhibits is business and profit. Everybody in watch business needs help no matter how huge or small the company. Forging the alliances with other top and quality manufacturers will help you join the competition of the vertical market. It is one way of breaking the wall and mainstream your store in the dynamics of the watch industry.

In a trade show, take the opportunity for face-to-face meetings with potential partners. Be it exhibitors or other attendees that can potentially satisfy the needs of your business. Turn-on your senses and get to know these potential partners. Set a good impression as a watch entrepreneur.

Here are tips to consider to set opportunities of networking:

  • Take note the important exhibition schedule for social events. These are parties, lunch breaks, and other gatherings. Indeed, these are perfect side-events which will allow you to mingle with industry pioneers, leaders, and starters in a relaxed setting. In here, you can potentially exchange contact information.
  • Be ready with your professional approach and strategies. In this way, other companies will take you seriously. Remember that companies want to form partnerships with competent and reliable operations


Opportunity to Aim The Highly Targeted Leads

The manufacturers will be making an effort to market the right products that will respond to your needs. As you attend the trade show, make up your mind on your ultimate purpose and results you want to bring after the event. The sales team of the exhibitors will showcase the positive aspects of the watches and convince you to get their products. Define your needs that you want to address by the exhibition.

Take these tips to help you focus on your needs and what to consider when looking for watch manufacturers:

  • Know the flagship watch of the manufacturer. Know the benefits to the consumer
  • Do not be caught up with the mood of the event. Most exhibitors will capitalize on the ambiance and atmosphere to get you to a deal
  • Better to get the contacts and set an appointment after the event


Competiton Anlysis

If you are watch entrepreneur or avid watch stylish user, observe the strategies and best offerings of top brands and small players. Pay attention to the details of their marketing. Take time to walk around the show floor and observe what attracts customers. Observe as well what poorly attracts the buyers. Perhaps there is a common denominator that you need to understand. Knowing and understanding the dynamics can help you decide without mistakes.

Here are some tips to remember:

  • Get in-depth research on what the watches manufacturer can offer and how the competitors counter the selling. Learn what the significant offerings of the manufacturer are.
  • Do not forget to take note of what you observe.
  • Focus on the booths that are attracting the most attention of attendees.


Educate Yourself

Watches exhibition have a myriad of learning sessions that can help you explore and learn about new things about watches. Learn the latest developments, new technologies, and plot the course of how you intend to use the knowledge.

  • Look at the schedule ahead and find out what sessions are you taking. Prioritize the sessions that are most related to your objective. Furthermore, determine how to fit the time into your schedule.
  • Do not forget your pen and piece of paper. Take notes during the sessions and events to remember actionable information.
  • Network with manufacturers and better if you can establish a relationship.


Top Watch Exhibitions of Best Manufacturers to Calendar

  • Baseworld

Baseworld was born in 1917,it is  the world’s foremost show for watches, jewellery, precious stones and related industries. It interconnects the industry’s top brands (including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Chopard, TAG Heuer, Hublot and Breitling), the most influential media and the world’s most important buyers. Baselworld is the exclusive platform on which the major watch and jewellery brands present the year’s innovations to an eagerly curious international audience.

  • Doha Jewellery And Watches Exhibition

Doha Jewellery And Watches Exhibition(DJWE) is unfolds at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, where more than four hundred international luxury brands display their finest work, special editions and unique pieces, alongside the most talented emerging local jewellery designers.


  • International Watch and Jewelry Guild IWJG

Marriott NY Brooklyn Bridge 333 Adams St., Brooklyn, NY 11201

It has over 7,600 members from 72 countries, making the International Watch & Jewelry Guild (IWJG) is the world’s most active center of exchange in acquiring, buying, selling, and trading fine watches.  They do 12 trade shows every year.


  • Watch Trader Association

Watch Trader Association (WTA)was established to organize trader shows for watch and jewelry dealers at different locations all over the world.

All WTAshows are organized by WTA Eventmanagement GmbH, which is located in Vienna Austria.

WTA exhibitions are exclusive only for WTA members. You need to ink yourself for a membership application before you get the invite. The manufacturers do not sell watches outside the association


  • Hongkong Clock & Watch Fair

Hongkong clock &watch fair usually holds in Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre.By participating in this event, exhibitors can present their complete watches and clocks, parts and components, machinery, equipment, packaging and wearable tech expertise to gain new business connections and international media exposure.

Major categories include:

  • Complete Watches
  • Clocks
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • OEM Smart Watches
  • Packaging
  • Parts & Components
  • Trade Services

They organize exhibits not only for significant watch manufacturers but also to small and medium watch entrepreneurs.


  • Watch Time New York

Gotham Hall 1356 Broadway (between 36th and 37th Streets) New York, New York 10018

Watch Time is a publishing company that caters to watch exhibition in top countries. They feature the watches in their magazine citing the features, manufacturer, a community of watch lovers and style. They feature watch reviews, watch tests, technology report, manufacturer profile, interviews, and exciting and off the beat items.


  • Frankfurter Uhren- und Schmuckbörse

Klassikstadt Orber Strasse 4a 60386 Frankfurt am Main

Since 2011, Frankfurt Watch and Jewelry Exchange have an expanding circle of dealers and buyers. They have over 60 manufacturers that join around the globe.


Fundamental Knowledges You Should Know Before Attending Watch Exhibitions


#1 When did the watches come out?

The first query may be simple. However, it will help you measure as to the longevity of the manufacturer in the business. Hence, you will know the activeness of the manufacturer to get updated on the current trends of the market and market needs. You will get the idea as to the timeline of the watches to hit and is hitting the stores.

#2 What’s inside this watch?

It is a pivot question to know the expertise of the manufacturer. The most basic answer is “quartz” or “automatic.” But don’t just settle to these answers but try to dig deep a little more. Know the types of plates, metals, hand, and other critical inside features of the watches. It is a recommendation that you consider asking the question. The timeless value of a watch is what is inside.


#3 Ask some feasible alternatives when you are interested in buying

Remember that watches exist in different types and categories or genre. You should be aware of the manufacturer’s competitors so you can have the space to negotiate. Do not hesitate to tell the manufacturer your need and wants about watches. You need to communicate as well your purpose so they can work out in your table of negotiation.


#4 Know the servicing costs and benefits that the manufacturer can offer

Watches are machines that have mechanical parts that will be needing some servicing through time. For Quartz watches, they pretty much need battery servicing but depending on the model and features. But for the mechanical type of watches, regular servicing is a need like cleaning and oiling.


#5 Know how the watch works

Watches basically will tell time. But manufacturers settle to add more complex features such as chronographs, calendars or other utilities. Make sure the manufacturer can explain to you thoroughly.

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