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33 Top Watch Blogs You Need To Follow

The 33 Top Watch Blogs Awards

If you are looking for professional and in deepth watch blogs, you’ve come to the right place.

One thing for sure, there are hundreds of watch blogs out there and it got overwhelming for the watch makers or watch marketers to find all of them and get the valueable information.

I’ve done all the homework for you and sort out the most valueable watch blogs for you. And I also get some value from these blogs when I just start our watch business in the old days.

Whether you would like to learn about watch making (also called “Watch OEM sevice” or “Watch ODM service“), watch repair, affordable watch recommendations or watch trading business, these blogs will be a gold mine for you.

Here’s a list of 33 top watch blogs that you should read and learn from:

1. The Watch Pages

The Watch Pages is the ultimate guide for every watch enthusiast that wants to look for all the information and reviews of their desired watches. Since everyone is asking for advice with regards to the watches they want to buy, Watch Pages have come up with an idea of keeping the reviews simple but well-detailed. In this way, everyone will get to discover and choose the best type of watches without regrets.


HODINKEE is more than 10 years in service of watch publications for all watch enthusiasts. In just a short span of years being an online resource, it has already been acknowledged by prestigious international media outlets such as The New York Times and Forbes. They received the credit of creating opinionated but truthful watch reviews that fits the needs of all types of target audiences.

3. Worn & Wound

Worn & Wound has been a reliable watch publication since it was first founded in 211. Their articles reviews are for every watch enthusiast that are looking for in-depth guides and various information about watches. They wanted their audiences to explore the whole functionality of every watch features so they create their reviews in a way that quality and innovation comes first.

4. SJX Watches

SJX Watches, founded by Jiaxian SU, is a publication of watch guides, reviews, and newspapers since 2011. Jiaxian, as a freelance journalist and a watch enthusiast, started the publication alone. His interest in watches had led him to have a successful editorial team that writes reviews and guides answering every question the watch audiences might have in mind.


MONOCHROME is composed of watch experts that are dedicated to serving watch audiences with the best reviews of their desired watches. They offer guides from mechanical, automatic, and quartz watches from different brands and manufacturers. They want to serve everyone with the most interesting articles that are well-detailed but easy to understand.

6. Watch Hunter

Watch Hunter is founded and managed by one person only named Andrew Hughes. His passion for collecting different items has brought him to published watch blogs for the whole world to read. Everything that a watch enthusiast is looking for is discussed well by his watch guides and reviews that are not just informative but also factual.


WYCA is a publishing site that creates well-written reviews and guides about watches. They only offer unique content with information that can not be found on other blogs. They make sure that the reviews given are factual and are based on their experiences as watch experts. Furthermore, WYCA never disappoints its audiences with high-quality content and photos of the watches from their articles.

8. Watch Insider

Watch Insider is one of the best watch influencers since 2011 that writes reviews and guides for different luxurious timepieces all around the world. Their goal is to generate an honest review coming from their watch experts and share them with every watch enthusiast worldwide. They wanted to inform their audiences about the most exclusive news and information about watches and how they are being manufactured.

9. Deployant

Deployant is a team of editors that are watch experts for trusted guides and reviews since 2014. Their passion for producing high-quality reviews about watches have already expanded to fully contribute to the watch community. They seek to make information about various watches easy for everyone to understand and read online.

10. A Timely Perspective

A Timely Perspective is a trusted watch publication that gives the overall information of the watches being sold in the market of today. They don’t just write reviews according to their perspective but also visits watch factories all around the world to keep their contents factual. The people behind their reviews are journalists that are watch experts giving the right details to every watch enthusiast.

11. Kamin Sky Blog

Kaminsky Blog is one of the few watch blogs that create reviews for great and affordable watches. Everything you need to know can be found right on the homepage of their site. Even if it is only managed by one person named Albert, every watch audiences can still rely on the well-detailed reviews and feature comparison of watches and watch manufacturers anywhere in the world.

12. #Watch Nerd

The Watch Nerd is a blogging site specially created for watch enthusiasts that need help with their desired watches. The blogger of Watch Nerd aims to give various information about watches that are factual for everyone to rely on. His passion for collecting watches has given him years of experience to identify the advantages and disadvantages of watches and their features.

13. Watch Trading Academy

Watch Trading Academy is the world’s first and largest Watch Trading Platform since it was first established in 2013. The goal of WTA is to help watch enthusiasts get the best information about buying luxurious watches from all around the world. They want to teach everyone the importance of choosing watches that can bring people together in a profitable manner.

14. Crown

Crown Watch Blog is the ultimate guide for watches that are composed of watch experts journalists. They believed how significant it is for a watch enthusiast to know every information about a watch before buying it. For this reason, they offer the service of definitive watch reviews and accurate pricing guide that can help the readers find their next watch to purchase.

15. Watch Guy

Watch Guy is a blog owned by a professional watchmaker that offers guides about how you can fix your watches at home. Unlike other watch guides, Watch Guy offers you the service of the technical and hands-on side of your broken watches. This is the right site where you can find all the right equipment to use for the watch problems you might encounter.

16. Haute Time

Haute Time is a timely website for all real-time news and information about watches anywhere in the world. They are dedicated to providing honest reviews coming from their team of watch experts. Watch audiences can choose to learn from the various watch brands and manufacturers of their favorite timepiece models that are discussed and explained well on time.

17. Trusted Watch

Trusted Watch is one of the leading press publications that produce watch and jewelry content in Europe. They can even provide the on-time prices of watches from different manufacturers according to the watch market. They seek to provide articles with different information about the best watches to buy for every watch enthusiast to enjoy.


Watches TV is the most passionate website every watch enthusiast can rely on with regards to the watchmaking industry. It already reaches more than 1000 videos since it was first established in 2011. They aim to provide the watch audiences with how their favorite watches are made from the unveiling up until the exclusive production process.

19. Quill & Pad

Quill & Pad is one of the best online magazines that publish watch content and videos to millions of watch collectors in print and online. Elizabeth Doerr and Ian Skellern are the people behind this online magazine. They have already been working in publishing and fine watchmaking for 40 years now which makes their contents very factual and reliable.

20. Watchville

Watchville is not just an ordinary publishing website, but also an application for every watch enthusiasts to keep track of wristwatch news in the most convenient way. They aim to provide watch information all in one place where every question and guides an audience might need are being discussed well in a precise manner.

21. Time Tide

Time+Tide is one of the leading timepiece media platforms that shows all the watch information and stories around the globe. They aim to give a bigger but well-defined picture of watches that’s more than just for fashion and IG posts. You can check out various features of watches according to their use and preferences for every watch enthusiast.

22. Fratello Magazine

Fratello offers the most sizzling news and high-quality watch content since 2004. The team of watch experts has come up with an idea of producing unique and factual articles for their watch magazine. For this reason, they have been acknowledged by international magazines such as The New York Times and TopGear.  They believed that writing a passion for watches should be educative and entertaining.

23. The Time Bum

Time Bum is an online watch review site that was founded in 2013 by a watch nerd named Loren. His interest and obsession with watches together with his coordinator Mike led them to create a review site where every watch enthusiast can relate to. They only present the best type of watch reviews that are factual for any diverse watch collection.

24. Bob’s Watches Rolex Blog

Bob’s Watches is one of the leading online Rolex watch review website. They offer all types of consumer needs, may it be buying, selling, or trading of Rolex watches. Every Rolex enthusiast is going to find the best deal by simply searching the type of Rolex watch from the newest, vintage, and up to the available inventory watches.

25. Watch Report

Watch Report has been the most trusted online watch source for every watch enthusiast. They only offer real and honest reviews that are truly reliable for every type of watch problems their audience might have encountered. Furthermore, they also offer news to get everyone updated with the latest trend plus giveaways for their avid readers.

26. Calibre 11

Calibre 11 holds the answer to all the questions a TAG Heuer and Vintage Heuer collector has in mind. They offer various topics and information to equip TAG Heuer and Vintage Heuer collectors with the history of their favorite watch together with its latest news. The reviews are intended to be factual and well-detailed to give a clear choice for every TAG Heuer and Vintage Heuer enthusiast.

27. WahaWatches

WahaWatches gives you all the insights of what the other watch enthusiasts are thinking about their favored watches. Melvin Hollenberg and Michał Kolwas are the two behind the site, they are all experienced collectors while Melvin Hollenberg is an experienced hobby watchmaker. They collect all info on mechanical watches and hobby watchmaking information in one place.

Their information comes from their own experience and experience with the collectors and watch community. It is helpful especially for the beginner collector or enthusiast.

28. Watch Paper

Watch Paper is composed of journalists who are also experts in bringing the latest news and hottest reviews of watches online. The team wanted to open the eyes of every watch enthusiast to keep them informed about every captivating detail of the desired watches. Furthermore, they are also open for contributors to share their passion for watches and be heard.

29. MBWW

Microbrand Watch World is your choice of watch industry that is community-focused. Aside from the real-time reviews they offer, they also give every watch enthusiast the chance to share their opinions by direct interaction with the brand. In case you want you to introduce your watch to the world market, MWW is open to advertising orders at the most affordable price.

30. A Blog To Watch 

aBlogtoWatch is composed of high-caliber journalists that are most trusted with their various watch publications since 2007. They provide all types of watch guides that will surely help every watch enthusiast in selecting the right features of the watch that are right for them. They only bow to deliver information that promotes transparent timepiece reviews for their audiences.

31. Lug 2 Lug

Lug2Lug is one of the most reliable blog sites to equip yourself with all the right information about watches. You can find all types of reviews here from hands-on, throwback, and guides that will surely lead you to get the best watch that fits for your taste. They also offer a newsletter where every watch enthusiast can sign-up and get real-time news every day.

32. Top 10 Watches

Top 10 Watches is one of the most reliable blogs when it comes to comparing the best type of watches from 1 to 10. Whatever may be the occasion and design you have in mind, you’ll surely get to choose the best one for you. They can even offer you the list of websites where you can directly buy the watches they feature in their reviews and content articles.

33. The Ickler Watch Blog

ICKLER is not your ordinary blogging guide to watches but also a reliable manufacturer of foreign companies. The team ensures that the quality of the watches they offer goes through smooth manufacturing and human touch process. You can choose from their wide range of collections that differs in movements, dials, and hands, designed with elegance and premium quality.