Sapphire Crystal Glass vs Mineral Glass

In watches making, there are 3 types of crystals were used often, sapphire crystal, mineral crystal, and plastics or acrylic crystals.

When you order a watch, identifying the movement and watch glass is the common practice.

What is Sapphire Crystal Glass?

There are two types of sapphire crystal – synthetic and genuine, and synthetic crystal glass is more commonly used.

Sapphire crystal is actually not glass at all. Its hardness (which is nearly as twice as the standard mineral crystal)is second to the diamond and it is scratch resistant and durable.

Almost all the branded watches and luxury watches use sapphire crystal glass.

An easy way to figure out if your watch glass were made of sapphire, just use a stainless steel knife and scratch it on the surface, if it did not scratch, your watch glass is sapphire crystal. If it does not, then you will have to protect it carefully.

What is Mineral Glass?

Mineral crystal is a little more expensive than plastic glass or crystal glass but it is more scratch resistant. But compared with the sapphire crystal glass, mineral glass is less expensive.

It is known for its durability and cost-effective.

Sapphire Crystal Glass vs Mineral Glass

To figure out the difference between sapphire crystal glass and mineral glass. We can have several ways to check it out.

If you drop water on the mineral glass, the water disperses. If you drop water on sapphire crystal glass, the water will flock together.

We can also tell them between the color, sapphire crystal glass looks in a little pink while mineral glass looks in blue.

The feeling of the material is another way to tell sapphire crystal glass and mineral glass, the sapphire glass is icy when you touch it while the mineral glass is not.

The last way is to tell them from their technical index. You can use a professional instrument to measure the density, luminousness, refractivity, hardness, and some other technical index.