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OEM Watches: Your Key To Success

Today I will share with you the key to success in watch business: OEM watches.

This guide also include:

  • OEM watches fundamentals
  • Watch design and manufacturing
  • How to find OEM watch supplier online
  • Lots more.

If you want to make millions of money from OEM watches , you’ll love this post.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Your Key To Success: OEM Watches 1

OEM Watches Fundamentals

In this section, we are going to showcase to you the importance of OEM watches in many ways and how it differs from ODM.

What are OEM Watches meaning? 

OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM is short for a company or manufacturer which delivers parts and equipment of a watch, which can also be bought by another watch manufacturer.

There are actually a lot of OEM parts and equipment especially for computers and watches. These parts are sold less expensively than other watches making it vital to the lives of the people who are into affordable watches.

What is the difference between OEM watches and ODM watches?

OEM watches are manufacturers which produce watch parts and equipment based on the features demanded by their customers which are also manufacturers of watches.

The customers of OEM manufacturers will create the design that they want but they are not capable of producing watch parts right away, that’s why they get their equipment manufactured by OEM. In this way, you can have your desired brand watch parts and equipments manufactured by OEM, without buying them directly from the manufacturing brand which is too expensive. 

ODM watches is the acronym for Original Design Manufacturer which means that these ODM manufacturers are the ones who design the whole watch or every part of the watch itself.

Unlike OEM watches where the customers can create their own design, for ODM manufacturers, they are the ones who make the designs according to the features set by their customers. ODM companies can even make their own watches and sell it to other watch manufacturers to have them branded.

Watch Design and Manufacturing

If you want the design and manufacturing of your watch as accurate as to how you want it to be, then OEM companies are the ones you should lean on to. These OEM watch suppliers can produce your customized design parts in an instant, ensuring product quality standards at a reasonable price.

Your Key To Success: OEM Watches 2

How to Find OEM Watch Supplier Online

We understand that there’s no magic in finding the best OEM watch supplier online. Even if you are purchasing OEM watch for yourself or for bulk orders, you might have a doubt in your mind if the supplier you’re going to choose only offers the best high-quality watch parts and equipment. 

You can see a lot of advertisements online about OEM watches sold online which will add confusion to your mind. However, we have found the best way for you to get your OEM watch from the most trusted suppliers you can easily contact online by following the steps presented below. 

Step 1: Identify Your OEM Watch Requirements

This is the first step for you to find your OEM watch suppliers. You need to know first the every tiniest detail about the parts of features that you want to have for your OEM watch. Furthermore, when you are sure of what you’re looking for, it will save your time and money upon what requirements of OEM watch you expect to buy.

Step 2: Look for Online OEM Watch Suppliers

You have to look for suppliers whether through Google or B2B Portals that can provide you will all the right OEM watches. This will be the next step for you. These suppliers can also be identified as manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors too.

The easiest way to find numerous online suppliers is by searching keywords such as:

OEM watch supplier

OEM watch distributors

OEM watch online

OEM watch for sale

OEM watch manufacturer

OEM watch factory

Step 3: Short-List Your OEM Watch Suppliers

Once you already have the list of potential OEM watch suppliers online, examine them very well. Whether you want to buy in bulk orders or not, check the location and shipping information of the OEM watches you are about to purchase. 

There are suppliers you can source locally and overseas. So, you should understand that the type of delivery fees will vary along with the location of the OEM watch suppliers too. Here you can check out below the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing OEM watch locally and overseas. 

Advantages And Disadvantages of Purchasing OEM Watch Suppliers Locally

Advantages Disadvantages
  • You can negotiate easily with no language barrier.
  • Shipping time is fast and more secure.
  • The shipping fee is low and affordable.
  • Easier payment transaction with all the standard protection.
  • Easy access for verifying OEM watches and replacement.
  • OEM watches may be sold by local suppliers at higher prices than overseas. 
  • Fewer choices of OEM watches’ parts and features.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Purchasing OEM Watch Suppliers Overseas

Advantages Disadvantages
  • OEM watches are sold at lower prices.
  • You can choose from different suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Better services offered.
  • There may be some language barriers during negotiations.
  • Shipping time may take a couple of days and weeks.
  • The shipping fee is high.
  • Payment transactions can only be done online.
  • Less access to standard protection.

Step 4: Examine Trade Assurance of the Chosen OEM Watch Supplier

You have to make sure that the chosen OEM watch supplier supports Trade Assurance either through their online site or B2B portals. It means that you can avail a free service that protects your orders from payment to delivery. You just need to negotiate or send an email to the supplier about this if not stated in their site. 

Here are the other details that you should ask or check through their portals. 

Check the Supplier’s Transaction Level

If you’re going to purchase through B2B portals such as Alibaba, it can be divided into 10 levels. You can also check it through the customer reviews of the manufacturer’s site. The higher the level, the more satisfied buyers are with transactions made. 

Check the Established Year of the Store

This is where you can see the supplier’s years of service. If they have been around for quite a while now, it’s likely that they have served a lot of satisfied customers.

Check the Number of Successful Transactions Made  

There may be some part of the supplier’s portal where you can see the successful transactions made for the past years. In this way, you can see to it and reflect that the more successful transactions made, the more trusted and reliable is the supplier.

Fast and Reliable Customer Service

The moment you send a message to the site for questions you might ask, you have to bear in mind how fast their customer service can respond to you. It would be best to choose a supplier that can attend to your needs right away. 

Choose the Supplier with Global Awards and Acknowledgement

If the supplier can present various awards and acknowledgment, this means that they got a better ranking or service than other OEM watch suppliers. This will help you identify the supplier that showcase better OEM watch features and parts.

Check Shipment Transaction and Money-Back Guarantee

Always remember that a reliable supplier always has a money-back guarantee. These OEM watches available online are mostly shipped overseas, so if there may be lapses and you’re not satisfied with their product, you must be guaranteed to receive your refund.

Step 5: Contact the OEM Watch Supplier

Once you are sure of what supplier where you’ll be getting your OEM watch, you can now directly contact them to further discuss about the shipment, payment, and other guaranteed terms.

Keep your questions direct and simple so that it will be easy for them to directly understand what you are looking for. You can even ask for samples if allowed. However, the prices of samples may be offered at high prices. 

Step 6: Closing the Deal with the OEM Watch Supplier

You have to close the deal with your OEM watch supplier with a written contract signed by both parties. In this way, you will feel secure about the agreed prices, services, and the type of OEM watches you were expecting to receive. A written contract is also vital to get securely get your refund in case the supplier failed to meet the quality standard set.

OEM Watch Manufacturers in China

Your Key To Success: OEM Watches 3

Bolong Watch

Bolong Watch started its manufacturing process in 1993 and was founded in Foshan, China. They are most trusted when it comes to their OEM and ODM services, which ensures high-quality watches for their customers anywhere in the world.

You can be 100% sure of the watches they offered for they have their own Bolong Watch Technology Research Institute and Bolong Business School that consist of professional research analysts and consultants for better and on-trend watch production and service. 


3wells is a watch manufacturer that is also known for its high-end watch production. They offer services for different watch movements such as automatic and quartz to supply their customers locally and internationally. 

They have proven worked with different watch brands that are made possible by their Western and Asian watch manufacturing specialists since it was first established in 1986.

Montrichard Group

For over 20 years, Montrichard Group is a watch manufacturer known for its Just-In-Time Production. They ensure their customers of faster productions and deliveries to keep the workflow smooth and timely.

They have offices based in Europe, Asia, and the USA, making them eligible to contribute to the well-known brands online such as Zara, H&M and Uniqlo.


FIYTA was first established in 1987, making them one of the most successful multiple watch industries based in China. They are believed to have accumulated over 100,000 VIP customer resources. It was even acknowledged as the first Chinese watch brand that officially entered the Baselworld Hall 1.

They are committed to offering only the high-end brand of watches that’s why they have formed a team that is all committed to advanced research and production. 

Chrono China

Chrono China is one of the most recently established timepiece manufacturers in China. They are established in 2014, but they are not last on the list when it comes to building their watch brands and expertise about custom watches.

If you are intp high-quality watch movements, Chrono China will make that possible for you as they are only importing movements from Swiss ETA and Swiss Ronda to ensure the high-quality standards. Other high-quality parts and accessories of a watch are sourced from famous watch brands like Cartier, Tissot, Titus, Seiko, Michael Kors, Fossil and more.

Hongliyuan Watch

Hongliyuan watch was first established in 1992, which proves their timely experienced in making watches that are good as gifts, souvenirs, may it be stainless steel, rubber, alloy, or anything of your choice. You can be sure that the watches you purchased are tested and passes their high-quality standard product guarantee.

Their facilities are well-equipped to ensure that the production of their watches meets the required stages and processes from time to time. They bow to offer customers with low cost but in a high-quality condition watches to give everyone the chance of experiencing good service and product that can be delivered on time.

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