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How To Sell Watches(Include Online And Offline)

How to Sell Watches

Today I am going to show you how to sell watches step by step from a custom watch manufacturer’s perspective.

To be a super watches seller, you should know basic watch components, features, functions and popular trends in the current.

Whether you are running a watches shop or you sell watches online, this guide will offer you some useful tips and suggestions that will increase your sales or your company revenue.

To sell more watches, you will follow the following steps:

Step #1 Find A Reliable Watches Supplier

Step #2 Find Your Target Audience

Step #3 Build Your Watch Brand Awareness

Step #4 Attract Your Target Audience Engage Your Compaign

Step #5 Convert Your Target Audience Into Subscribers

Step #6 Convert Subscribers Into Customers

Step #7 Advocate Your Customers To Promote

Step #8 Convert Satisfying Customers To Promoters

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Step #1 Find A Reliable Watches Supplier

Whether you are running a watches shop on the high street or running an online shop, a reliable watches supplier can usually provide you with high quality watches at affordable price and with consistent quality standard.

Needless to say, the first thing you need are the watches themselves! Whether you intend to sell on style, or substance, you need to find a manufacturer who has what you want, and what your customers want. Keep in mind that you need to be able to make a profit, so it’s important to find a  watch manufacturer that offers a price that you can pay, without the costs of business outweighing what you actually make.

Since watch is a practical product, you should find a manufacturer that offers two key features: affordability and reliability. 

Affordability means reasonable purchasing price based on good quality.For example, the market price of a watch is 100 USD, if your profit rate is 20%, that means your purchasing cost (product cost and shipping cost and all the other cost) on a watch is 80 USD.

Reliability means you should cooperate with a reliable watch manufacturer. For example, a watch manufacturer with a SOP during the production give you more trust than one with no process. And a manufacturer who reply patiently with every questions you concerned is more trustworthy than the one reoly after waiting for 2-3 days. To make sure your partner is reliable, you can consider the following index:

  • Is their company legit? (You can check on business adminisration website with their Chinese company name , such as
  • Is their price far low with their competitors? (If price is far low than their competitors, there is potential quality problems)
  • How promotely do they reply you? (If they reply you after 2-3 days, there are communication problems in the future)
  • Do they offer you warranty time? (Warranty can ensure quality and after sale service)
  • Do their main products are the ones that you are looking for? (If you would like to order mechanical watches, never look for digital watches manufacturer)

If you’re going for something that will make more of a statement, then consider private label watches with your own brand. Hand crafted pieces in precious metals. Straps made from real polished leather, or something of the like. You want a watch that is unique; each piece a work of art. Offer custom made watch that will tell your customer that your watch is unlike any other, just like the person that wears it!

Quality speaks for itself, and having a quality watch (unique design with awesome workmanship and specific time function) will always be the biggest factor in getting your customers to come around on a bigger price tag.

Whatever you decide, it is essential to have a reliable stream of watches, and making a good deal with the right manufacturer or craftsman is the ever important first step.


Step #2  Find Your Target Audience


Now that you have your watches, the next step is finding customers.

If you are runing a watch shop on the high street, you should better stay in a luxury shopping mall. Why? Because watches are luxury items and people who are interested in luxury items tend to buy watches. So you should stay in the pool that full of crowded fishes and your target audience are more likely among them.

If you sell watches online, you should hang out in the watches communities or Facebook group or sub-reddit to talk with people, answer their questions and give them helpful advice. But building a professional profile on your account can help you attract target audience. In your profile, the following elements will be in a good fit:

  • Your website and email address
  • Your name, screenshot
  • Your experience and expertise in your industry
  • Your social account

In the burgeoning world of the modern market, e-commerce seems to be the way of the future. According to Digitalcommerce 360 in 2018, online sales accounted for 14.3% of all retail in the U.S. market alone, totaling in at around 517 billion dollars! With the world at our fingertips, people can buy just about anything from the comfort of their own at home. Nothing beats convenience, and the average spender will often take that into consideration when shopping around.

With most of the world on social media, buying ads can be one of the most effective ways of reaching your customers. Companies such as Vincero and Original Grain market their product on YouTube, using their ads as a chance to not only showcase their product, but get their name on your mind. Even if your customers skip those ads as they come up, the right ad at the right time will stick, and they’ll eventually find their way back to your website.

Having a good website is the bedrock of all e-commerce. Web design can be difficult though, and if your site looks cheap, your product will seem cheap by extension. If you aren’t a coding wizard, finding a web design company is an important step in marketing your product. However, there are a number of options easily found with a simple web search.

Of course, you can always try to sell your product wholesale to another distributor, but keep in mind that no retailer is going to want to buy all your watches if you don’t have a winning brand!


Step #3 Build Your Watch Brand Awareness

You have your watches, and you know where you’re going to sell it, so now what?
Business is all about branding. Customers aren’t just buying watches, they’re buying watches from YOU! People will buy what they need, but in order to really sell them a product, its important to recognize who your customers are, then you can decide who you are.

If you are running a real watch shop on the highway street, create a flyer that advertise your business and the watch designs you own, your contact information and address, then people who are interested in your watch designs would come to your shop.

If you are selling online, your website can be one of the most effective branding tools you have. More than just showcasing all of the great products you have to offer, it gives you the chance to show your customers just who you are, and what you stand for!

Is it a luxury watch that shows your customer you’re built for success?
Are your watches affordable that customers can rely on?
Do your watches ethically crafted by professional individuals?
People want watches that feels right to them, that shows everyone the kinds of brands that they support.


Step #4 Attract Your Target Audience To Engage Your Compaign

Wheter you sell watches in your shop or sell on online, compaign is a lead generation machine.

If you are running a real watch shop, you can create a compaign such as buying a watch with a gift as bonus or offer free gift package for watch buyers. Anyway, your should offer people bonus out of their expectation. Post the bonus on your flyer and distribute to people around your shop area.

If you are selling online, you can set a compaign with discount code or special offer deal. You can set your compaign through the following channels:

  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • Email marketing

According to our experience, offering benefit or bonus out of people’s expectation is the most effective way to attract your target audience to engage your compaign.

The more engagement with people in the compaign means more people spend their time to know about your watch design, your brand, your company background and your watch quality. Once people spend more time on your watches, it is more likely that they will spend money on these watches.


Step #5 Convert Your Target Audience Into Subscribers

If you are a watch shop owner, your subscribers are the members that who offer their contact information. You can figure out a solution to offer them some commission for referral customers. You can also commit to send out your new designs  catalogue seasonly or yearly.

If you are online watch seller, you should try to convert people that engage in the compaign to subscribers. With subscribers, you have got their contact information and then you will have to nurture the leads and send people some helpful information that they pay attention to.


Step #6 Convert Your Subscribers Into Customers

You have your watches, your market, and your brand, but the most important piece of this puzzle are the customers themselves. Time is money, and people won’t want to spend theirs on you if they don’t feel right about it. However, if you keep these simple steps in mind, you can always be assured that you’ll have the right watch for the right customer. At the end of the day, we all vote with our wallets.

For watch shop owners, you may get more target customers to buy watches from your shop after they check your seasonly watch catalogues. While for online watch sellers, you will get more subscribers to check out on your website.


Step #7 Advocate Your Customers to Promote

The most valuable thing in business is trust. Now customers who have bought from you are the ones that they trust you, trust your watch quality.

Since the buying customers trust you, so advocate them to leave testimonial and share with their family and friend.

The effect is awesome! Why?

Because of contagious. People are more likely to trust the people they already know.

With more and more people talk about your designs and brand, you are actually doing word of mouth advertising indirectly.


Step #8 Convert Satisfying Customers Into Promoters

Leaving testimonials or sharing with their friends depend on the customer themselves.

But you can convert your customers into your promoters with commission, it is called affiliate marketing.

How to Sell Watches Through Affiliate Marketing?

Contact your satisfied customers and ask them if they would like to be your promoters with payment.

Please prepare the advertising material for them to make their life easier.


Now It Turns To You

Now this is the compelet guide to how to sell watches online and offline.

In this guide, sorting out the target audience from the average Joe and build trust between them and you are the most important step.

I hope this guide can help you sell more watches, are you selling watches in your real shop or sell on your website?

Which step is more important for you based on your current marketing compaign? Getting more subscribers or convert more customers into promoters?

Please tell me your current situation in the comment below and share this guide.