If you are a watch collector, this watch maintenance guide is for you.

You only need to pay attention to 3 problems and maintain it in a good way.

Watch Seal Problem

Most watches are marked as waterproof, such as 30M, 50M, 100M and so on. Some also indicate that it is not waterproof. Although it is indicated that it is waterproof, it must not be worn to wash the sauna and hot bath. After the rubber is shrunk, the hot air enters the sealed capsule and cannot come out, causing the mist to not be treated in time, causing corrosion and growth. Rust, so watch watches can only be worn under normal conditions.

In fact, the waterproofing of the watch mainly depends on a small number of rubber rings. The rubber ring will age after a long time. If there is a gap after losing the elasticity, it may cause water ingress and air intake. Therefore, the sealing rubber ring should be replaced regularly to ensure the watch is waterproof.

The Mechanical Operation Problem

The luxury watches are generally mechanical watches. The mechanical watches are all operated by gears. It usually indicates how many pieces of diamond on the watch. This number of drills does not mean how many diamonds the watch has, but how many gear shafts of the watch are drilled. It is generally replaced by synthetic diamonds. Because synthetic diamonds are resistant to wear, the more drilled eyes on the watch, the longer the life of the watch.

However, the gear of the watch cannot be processed with hard materials such as diamonds. It can only use steel as the axle. The smaller the watch is, the thinner the axle is. The number of revolutions of tens of thousands of revolutions per day depends entirely on the drill. Oil to reduce wear, once the oil is dry, the axle is dry and worn, and the life of this watch will be reached in a few years.

The Watch Appearence Maintenance

The appearance of the watch is generally K gold, K white gold, and high-grade animal leather. Although the main raw material of K gold is gold, the sweat on the hands of people is acidic and the corrosion of the air. The time is not so beautiful when it is new. This requires frequent cleaning and polishing, so that the watch will be kept new. If it is K Platinum, the silver layer is worn out for a long time, and the gold inside is exposed, it is not as white as before, so it needs regular maintenance of whitening to maintain the new.

Not to mention the leather strap, the corrosion of sweat stains will cause the belt to harden and crack prematurely, and normal maintenance should avoid wearing a belt watch during sweaty and rainy periods. If the watch is made of steel, it is often polished and refurbished to better reflect its value.