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How to Get Water Out of Watch

In this post, you’ll learn how to get water out of watch in effective way.

This guide also includes lots of:

  • Causes of water inside your watch
  • Ways to get out of watch
  • Solution to prevent watch get inside your watch

If you want to get water out of watch in an EFFECTIVE way and prevent water geting inside your watch in the future, this guide is right for you.


Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

What Causes Water Inside Your Watch?

The water or moist inside your watch may come from different sources. So, for you to understand the underlying cause of the water inside your watch, you have to be reminded of these sources.

The Changes In Temperature, From Cold to Warm

Little did everyone know that the change of weather system can cause the water inside your watch. For example, you are experiencing winter for a certain time and eventually went to a place where the temperature is very hot. The moist being created by winter will soon be liquefied in a warm area resulting in tiny droplets of water inside your watch.

Using Your Waterproof Watch to Water Adventures For A Long Time

Just because your watch contains a waterproof feature, it doesn’t mean that it is waterproof all throughout your water adventures. You should not expose or use your watch underwater where the current is strong. It may cause a crack that will trigger the water to get inside the watch. Remember that for every waterproof watch, there is a limit per meters, may it be 100m, 200m, or 300m.

Some Parts of Your Watch Are Not Properly Screwed

There are waterproof watches that need a lot of manual changes when used over time. Most especially if your watch is too old to be used for water activities. Some parts of the watch might have openings when not tightened or screwed which will trigger the entrance of water inside your watch.

Using Low-quality Waterproof Watches

Whatever may be the features of your watch, if it is not made with high-quality materials, it will not function well. Thus, it is important to purchase only waterproof watches from trusted brands and manufacturers that can perfectly accommodate your water adventures without getting rid of water or moist.


4 Ways to Follow to Get Water Out of Watch

We know that you are confused by now as to the methods you have to undergo to save your watch.

Here we have listed all the best ways for you to get the water out of your watch to keep it working and looking good as ever.


Place Your Watch in a Warm Place

You can simply remove the water out of the watch by placing the watch near a warm place such as the fireplace or from direct sunlight. Remember that anything warm can dry the water inside your watch. You can choose whether to place it in the window, door, or open space where heat can be best absorbed.

You should position your waterproof watch in an upward manner, where the crystal or the face of the watch faces the sunlight. You can leave it there for hours as long as the sunlight is present. Make sure that you are conscious about where you locate your watch because placing it outdoor might trigger more damage when the change of temperature such as rain arises.

Place Your Watch Near Heated Sources

In case there is no available sunlight or fireplace for you to remove the water inside your watch, the use of heated sources is an alternative way for you to do it. Remember that when you remove the back casing of your watch, make sure to use screwdrivers so that you won’t damage the other parts of the watch.

One of the heated sources you can use is a hair dryer. Yes! The hairdryer used to dry hair can also be used to dry the water inside the watch. However, hairdryer produces a lot of air pressure that might cause damage to the tiny parts of the watch. So, you have to cover your watch with a cloth or a thick tissue before you dry them in a circular motion with the use of a hair dryer.

Place Your Watch Inside a Rice or Silica Gel Container

Everything that needs to be condensed is made possible by placing it inside a rice or silica gel container. For example, if you dropped your phone on a water surface, you have to place it inside a bowl of rice. Thus, it has been a norm that everyone follows. The same goes for your watches.

Rice and silica gel are believed to be effective agents that absorb water. Just like phones, your problem with regards to the water inside your watches can be solved by rice and gel. You just have to slightly remove the crown before placing it inside the rice container. Although silica gel has an advantage in absorbing moist, both can work well if used overnight.

Bring The Watch to A Watchmaker

If the problem of the water inside your watch can’t be solved by the home-based procedures we have discussed above, it will be best to have it checked by a watchmaker. In this way, you will be able to attend to the problem and fix it right away that waiting for it to get broken.

Remember to bring it to a trusted watchmaker so that you can be sure that each part of your watch is safely removed and attached. Furthermore, the legit watchmaker has its own equipment or machine that will help you removed the water inside the watch. It would be best to ensure that every part of your watch is intact plus the benefits of availing free warranty given by the watchmaker which you can avail anytime.

How to Prevent Water Inside the Watch For Future Use?

Once you get the water out of watch, next you”ll learn how to prevent water get inside the watch in the future time.

Here we recommend you a checklist of 5 suggestions that we used effectively as follows:

1. Wipe The Outer Parts of Your Watch Regularly

The water or moist is first visible on the outer parts of your watch. Just like when you are brushing your teeth, some droplets may be seen on the crystal of your watch. So, if you know how to wipe them with soft clothing or tissue, you can be sure the moisture will not get inside your watch. This is one of the best prevention you should execute every day to keep it free from moist.

2. Make Sure to Place Your Watch In A Dry Place

After you use your watch, you should place it inside a jewelry box or a dry place. In this way, it will prevent your watch from absorbing moisture that might damage the watch. You can place it inside a cabinet too where you can be sure of the temperature that’s not humid.

3. Keep In Mind The Waterproof Capacity of Your Watch

Before you purchase your watch, it is advised that you should check the level of water resistance your watch can offer. Because every waterproof watch has different depth when it comes to its waterproof features. So, if your waterproof watch has 100m capacity only, you should not use it for water activities that let you go deeper than the given measurement.

4. If Your Watch is Already Old, Don’t Use It For Your Water Adventures

Even if your old watch is water-resistant, it is no longer advisable to be used for water activities. It doesn’t have to do with the brand of watch, as long as it is old enough for wild adventures with the waves and currents. Chances are high for its parts to get loose that will trigger the entrance of water inside the watch.

5. Purchase Waterproof Watches From Trusted Manufacturers Or Sellers Only

The most common reason why moist or water gets inside the watch has something to do with the high-quality features of the watch too. Of course, if you purchased a non-branded watch from sellers who are not legit, you can not expect more for it to last long. However, if you purchased it from a brand manufacturer or legit seller, you are ensured of its parts and casing which are tightly screwed that prevents water from coming in.


Watches play big roles in the lives of the people who are always on the go. As much as it gives convenience, they also have to be taken care of to have them last for a lifetime. It is no question that you can finally remove water from your watches by following the tested tips and steps you have read above! Make sure to keep the in mind to have quick solutions to your watch problems!

If you’re interested in getting a reliable waterproof watch that can offer customized protection, you can contact the best OEM and ODM watch manufacturer today. Surely, you’ll have a great timepiece well-protected by moist or water!