Glossary Of Watch Terms

If you are in watches industry or you are about to start your watch business, you should know about these watch glossary. And they can help you grow to be a watch specialist.


  • Alarm:A device that used to notice someone at a specific time.
  • Accuracy: There is 86400 seconds a day and the limited error difference is 30 seconds, that means the error difference rate is 0.035%,that’s said, correct rate is 99.965%.
  • Adjustment: We usually adjust temperature,  position, Isochronism. There are 8 adjustments for advanced clocks and watches, including cold, hot , 5 directions. The temperature is usually adjust to 4 ℃, 20 ℃, 38 ℃.
  • Arabic Number: 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6, 7,8 ,9 ,0
  • ATM(Atmosphere):Water resistant mark on the wrist watch back which indicate how well a watch is selead against water.
  • AM/PM Indicator: An indicator on the dial that tell the day or night.This function is especially helpful when found on a dual zone watch as you will be able to see the time in a different timezone and always know the time of day.


  • Buckle: A part that used to attach the 2 ends of the watch strap.
  • Bezel: The ring that surrounded the watch face.Some are plain, some are functional, some are decorative.


  • Crystal: The clear protective cover that shrouds the watch face, made from either synthetic sapphire, acrylic glass or mineral glass. Synthetic sapphire is the most expensive to produce, though it is considerably more scratch resistant than either acrylic glass or mineral glass.
  • Crown: A small piece to set the time and may also have other function,such as using it to wind the mainspring on mechanical watches
  • Case: The housing of the watch.
  • Clasp: It is used to close the watch strap.
  • Calender: An indicator on the watch that show you the data or week or year.
  • Chronograph: It is a specific type of  stop watch that combine with the display watch.


  • Dial: It is a watch face, it is the part of an analog watch that displayes the time through the use of a fixed-numbered dial or dials and moving hands.
  • Date Window:  It is a part of calender, a date window will be the only numbers that associate with the date.
  • Deployment Buckle: A deployment buckle is a tri-folding buckle that has pushers to release the clasp.


  • ETA: A leading watch movement manufacturer in Switzerland. It was used in many Swiss brand watches.


  • Horology: The study of the measurement of time, the art of making clocks and watches. (Learn more about horology here)
  • Hands:It is the indicator which points the time on the dial.


  • Lug:Small metal pieces that attach the watch case to the straps.


  • Movement:It is the mechanism of a watch or timepiece, that is to say, it is the engine of a watch that acts as the power source to make the watch and its functions work。 There are 3 types of movements, including quartz movement, automatic movement, mechanical movement.


  • Quartz Movement:It is a type of dynamic mechanism.


  • Strap: A piece of leather or stainless steel that use to tie the watch on the hand.


Waterproof: The water resistance function for a watch.