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How to Start an eCommerce Watch Brand for Startups

Today you are going to learn exactly how to start an eCommerce watch brand for startups.

This is the same strategy that Daniel Wellington use to create their watch brand.

Daniel Wellington On Wikipedia

Let’s get started.

Step #1: Start with an E-commerce Watch Brand Name

Step #2: Find a Supplier

Step #3: Start Early Marketing

Step #4. Brand Positioning

Step #5. Brand Consistency

Step #6. Brand Linking

Step #7. Customizing Brand for Great Customer Experience

To create an e-Commerce watch brand entails no painless process, we have taught you how to create your own watch brand step by step. One needs to know the nitty-gritty that will guide them in establishing a successful one. With millions of sellers and resellers offering the same product as you, flaunting your brand above anyone else is another challenge. Here’s the guide to start and sustain successful electronic commerce for your brand watches.

Step #1: Start with an E-commerce Watch Brand Name

Watches continue to evolve and sales are soaring the past years. As the world economy improves, it is most likely that watches see uptake among the younger generations. The millennial, as they dubbed this generation, look for fashion accessory and they would prefer owning watches as any others.

Begin with creating a memorable and appealing business name that is unique. Perform a search for corporate names in order to ensure that nobody’s using it.  Register it to acquire a legal identity.

Obtain a website and a domain name if you are planning to have your own platform. It is ideal to have your business name as the name of your domain. If it is unavailable, select a URL that relates to your business. It should be easy to pronounce and spell.

Design your E-commerce watch brand website well. Make sure it is functional and responsive, not just visually attractive. There are ready-made solutions like the Shopify if you only need the basics, but for a more customized site, you may need to create your own.

There is a business name generator to help you on Shopify(Shopify Business Name Generator), you only need to type your keyword into the search bar and it will pop up the available business name and domains that you can buy.

Shopify Business Name Generator

Another business name generator is from Oberlo business name generator, you will do the same to get an alternative business name.

Oberlo Business Generator

After getting your exclusive business name and domain name, you are going to…

Step #2: Find a Supplier

Very tight competition in online selling is expected. Therefore, it is highly recommended to seek for the best quality that comes with the best prices. Make sure that the vendor wants to fulfill long term business with you so as to attain sustainability.

Needless to say, the advantage of online shopping is convenience. It takes place twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! Everything is just a click away.

If you have a wide array of selection then people will have fun shopping. An e-commerce watch brand store must offer online shoppers a vast collection of watches products and designs. Suiting the fancy of customers is a must.

No excuses for supply shortage. Your supplier must be able to meet up the demands.

To find a reliable supplier, we recommend you go to Alibaba, which is the largest wholesale marketplace in the world and most of the supplier are verified manufacturers or wholesalers in China.

Alibaba website

Step #3: Start Early Marketing

Earning a lucrative income through eCommerce watch brand is possible. However, you need to differentiate your brand from a plethora of watches businesses online. There are a lot of sellers and resellers around the globe. The importance of establishing personal E-commerce comes in.

Creating your own platform entails lots of time that may run for days and months. Normally, website creation takes 3-6 months. Even if you are not yet up and running, set up your social media profile. Commence with posting and writing blogs to inform the public that you are into something. Make announcements like a “coming soon” website. This will make people follow you for updates. You can also utilize a tool such as the LaunchRock. It will help in the early acquisition of customers.

In contrast, Amazon is totally an e-Commerce platform. Its operation started in 1994 and is built up around customer online purchases and shipments. At present, it is the largest eCommerce platform and a cloud computing marketplace in the world.

Utilizing Amazon seller application helps eCommerce watch brand selling like a cakewalk. With a nice camera, you can snap and upload photos via your smartphone or tablet. An eBay seller software like CrazyLister is also helpful. Take and post product photos with appealing description then, Viola, sell is coming! Dennis Glazov and his team went from zero to $250K in just 3 months.  Also, Shopify is a good platform for online E-commerce watch brand to sell and resell your products.

What is good with electronic commerce is the availability of technologies such as applications. Your sole focal point is building your brand. This means your focus is on the real business phases. Be more productive by using precise and efficient software. They are available online and it will make your work easier. Browse for software intended for accounting, customer care management, project management, and those that can be used for email marketing.

Moreover, start with Facebook Ads. The platform has an exceptional targeting ability. You may select according to your preferred audience. Once done with Facebook, you may migrate to visual social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Use high-quality photos and high definition videos. Experiment with ads that have “buy” buttons, too.

You will not become as great as Amazon but brand boasting will grant customers an even better customer experience. You are not fighting only for the price, unlike being in a sea of competition in one platform.

Build a loyal audience in social media, as well. Customer engagements in every new product that is about to be released pose emotional connections between the seller and buyer. When you share the story of your brand, there is a possibility that followers will share your story. It is a free marketing strategy if it gets viral. Social media is a powerful tool to connect to people.

For instance, Glossier’s Emily Weiss has 15,000 Instagram followers even before she announced her product. On one hand, the very funny Dollar Shave Club has YouTube advertisements that hit the fancy of the viewers.

Step #4. Brand Positioning

This phase entails hard work. Your marketing strategy must be on the path and absolutely correct. Failure to make a distinctive stance will dissolve you off the market. Nobody cares.

Unique e-commerce watch brand positioning is imperative. A huge range of functions, range, and styles are available in the market nowadays. There are statement pieces, fashion accessory, military-grade watches selection and those designed particularly for deep sea diving.

With the IoT or the Internet of Things that is skyrocketing, having below 500 likes on Facebook is worrisome. Actually, the “like” is considered a vanity gauge because it is an indicator that you managed your way in interacting with genuine fans.

Sensible information that the fans can use must be given attention to. It is not enough to write newsletters or compose Facebook posts concerning your watches. Offer freebies and package your brand well. Nevertheless, it is must not be at the expense of your product’s quality.  Tapping the true interest of your fans helps. So make those social media posts appealing, fun and compelling.

Walmart’s physical store is present across streets from where your prospects are while Amazon is just a push of the button away. Also, these large companies are selling watches as well. Plus, they have comparatively lower prices for watches than the platform you own. This is challenging! A compelling distinction to establish an emotional connection with your prospects is vital.

Once your target audience can relate to the issues you are trying to rejoin then the communication is likely to go viral. For example, the Dollar Shave Club (DSC) has a funny video that advertises its brand. It tells the story of a common man’s struggle between budget and razor. Take note that DSC’s product is not as sturdy and fancy as Gillette, but they offer affordable razors and it does the job. Such ads went viral because people could feel Michael Dubin. DSC gained 12,000 customers in just 2 days. It was a huge success and is recognized by the search engines.

Step #5. Brand Consistency

One risky and dangerous mistake that might contribute to brand mortality is inconsistency. This includes your presence in everything from your website to your social media platforms. Your message must be consistent in all of the activities regarding marketing.

Your collaterals such as design and logo should be within your eCommerce watch brand guidelines. For all intents and purposes, your website, the products, social media platforms, emails, and advertisements must all adhere to one identifiable concept. It must all be cohesive to represent your brand’s identity.

For watches consistency, we recommend you share your posts on the following platform:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram

These are the platforms that you can build brand awareness and brand consistency.

Step #6. Brand Linking

It is an act of selfishness if you have a nice product yet you keep it to your own platforms. It is not financially healthy for your business as well.

According to the CEO of Larsson & Jennings, Andrew Jennings, engaging influencers and bloggers is the key element in maximizing your online presence. The right people that will exemplify your identity as a brand will drive sales.

Furthermore, to ask people to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for a thing that they did not even touch or see in person is a lofty demand. A known industry influencer and product blogger can add up to your integrity and credibility. Choose an influencer for the product review. It must be fair enough to advertise your brand.

For watches brand linking, Instagram and Youtube influencers can help you get the largest target audience. Building relationships with the watches influencers through your content or post, then reach out for a link from them

Step #7. Customizing Brand for Great Customer Experience

Most people look for easy customer experience. The 2016 Forrester Research conducted in the US  says that online sales will rise 9.32% annually (at the average) for the next 5 years. By 2020, US online customer spending will be at $523 Billion. On the same year, due to mobile phones, buying through the internet will reach 270 million people.

One way of earning customer’s loyalty is through personalizing the packaging of your products. It will send a message to customers that he or she is special.

“Un-boxing” the product is also one way of enticing customers that they play an important part in the business. There are many videos posted on YouTube regarding unboxing. It means that people are fascinated at sharing their first brand or product impressions.

Premium packaging is also important as this lead to repeat purchases. According to Dotcom Distribution, 52% of clients will probably do repurchase from an online seller that conveys premium packaging.

Offering discounts and loyalty schemes to repeat buyers are also a good come-on. It will make them feel special. The possibility of popularity by word of mouth will likely happen. This is due to the fact that patrons will tell their friends and family members about you. Happy customers will recommend you.

The most important thing to consider for business, online or offline, is exceptional customer care. Online business is grounded on credibility and trustworthiness.

You will not become as great as Amazon but brand boasting will grant customers an even better customer experience. You are not fighting only for the price, unlike being in a sea of competition in one platform.

Finally, do not quit just even if you are feeling down and on the verge of calling it done. Bear in mind, success is for the stubborn, determined, those who are obsessed with succeeding, and will not accept a “no’ for an answer.

The World Wide Web is an amazing avenue to buy and sell products. It is possible that E-commerce watch brand will financially prosper. With over 206 Million online shoppers around the globe, online business is a thing to think about.

If you are thinking of establishing your own eCommerce watch brand, today is the right time. Honing your ability to thrive and be competitive will be the role of online marketing strategy. Nonetheless, you must first know how to start. It is now or never!


In this guide, we have taught you how to start your own watch brand from scratch step by step. The most important thing is to take your action now.

Would you like to create your own watch brand now?

What’s the biggest obstacle are you facing when it comes to building your own watch brand?

Please comment below and I’d hear about what you think.