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How to Make Custom Watches In Chinese Factory (7-Step Checklist Included)

Sometimes you may be thinking of starting your watch business by customizing them rather than reselling all types of brand watches. So whether you are from China or not, you might be wondering what’s the best way of satisfying all your needs for your custom watches?

Well, your personalized watch journey starts here! In this article, we are going to give you the step by step guide as to how to get your personal watches from reliable Chinese manufacturers fast and secured.

Check them out below!

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Step #1 Figure Out Your Watch Design

When buying custom watches, it is important to consider the design that you want in order to avoid complications during the manufacturing process. Your choice of watch design should vary with your hobbies, work, and style. Let’s dive in below the requirements that are perfect for the personalized watch that you’re looking for!

Consider Your Work

The very first thing that you have to keep in mind is the type of work that you have. Remember that work is an everyday activity that you have to attend So, you have to be sure of the watch you are about to purchase by considering how heavy the workload or the environment of your work.

Assemble Watches

For example, if you work in an office, your custom watch is not necessary to be waterproof since you are working under a roof. However, if you are working as a diver or mariner, your choice of a watch should be very sturdy and waterproof since you are exposed to direct weather conditions.

Consider Your Hobbies

The next thing that you have to consider in designing your personalized watch is your hobbies. We all know that hobbies come next after work. The best style of watch to choose for your hobbies are the ones that let you spend the entire time with enjoyment and no worries.

For example, if you like to play billiard or indoor tennis after work, it is vital that the strap of your custom watch fits very well to your wrist. In this way, it avoids your watch to slip away while you are aiming for a shot. Additionally, the cover glass should be as sturdy as it should be to avoid crack for heavy activities such as basketball.

Consider Your Style

Your sense of style should not be forgotten in designing your watch. Remember your own unique taste will reflect you as a person of who you are becoming. The things to consider for your style are your sense of fashion that matches your clothes and interest.

For example, if you love to wear dark colors, it is essential that you choose a dark color watch to match your outfit. Moreover, if you want to show the world the animalistic side of you that loves adventure, then you can design an outdoor watch for you. You can find out more watch designs from Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Step #2 Find A Reliable Private Label Watch Manufacturer

We understand that there are a lot of Chinese watch manufacturers available online and finding one that’s truly reliable is not easy. For you to find out the authenticity of a watch manufacturer, you have to be aware of the things that you should check before making final orders with them.

Check Manufacturer’s Profile

Since we are looking for a reliable manufacturer, you should check first their history of being in the watch business. This is where you can identify the established year, the number of successful purchased, and most importantly, the expertise of people behind the manufacturing process.

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Check Customer Reviews

The feedback of the customers matter a lot in testing how reliable the watch manufacturer you are planning to have business with. If they received a very satisfactory rating from the customers, it is no question that they deliver successful and accurate custom watches as well.

Check Free Services

Some watch factories offer free services such as free samples and testing. In this way, you can be sure to get an accurate sample before making bulk orders. It is important to check these free services to save money and time.

Here are three of the best Chinese companies that qualify the requirements of being a reliable private label watch manufacturer.

Bolong Watch

Bolong Watch started its manufacturing process in 1993 and was founded in Foshan, China. They are most trusted when it comes to their OEM and ODM services, which ensures high-quality watches for their customers anywhere in the world.

3 Wells

3Wells is a watch manufacturer that is also known for its high-end watch production. They offer services for different watch movements such as automatic and quartz to supply their customers locally and internationally.

Montrichard Group

For over 20 years, Montrichard Group is a watch manufacturer known for its Just-In-Time Production. They ensure their customers of faster productions and deliveries to keep the work flow smooth and timely.

Step #3: Get A Prototype Of Your Watch Design

Adjust your design if it requires a new mold to make.

Once you’ve finally chosen a manufacturer for your personalized watches, you can right away adjust your watch design. You can either change the dials, cases, bezels, and straps according to your style and personal features.

Your watch prototype specification sheet should be as clear as possible.

To ensure that the watches you’re about to purchase are highly-functional, you have to submit a prototype specification sheet that looks exactly as how you want your watches to be. We advised you to use a 3D image of the watches in order for the manufacturer to have an eye of the details from one angle to another.

Keep communicating with your supplier during this period.

You have to be willing to communicate with the manufacturer all throughout the manufacturing process. In this way, you’ll have an update regarding the production of the watch you’ve sent to them. Just bear in mind to talk to the technical team who have a deep knowledge of the product you need instead of getting random support from their customer service representatives.

Step #4: Test Your Watch Sample Function

Send it to your local watch lab for tests.

You can either send your watch sample to a local lab or send it to the manufacturer. You have to be sure that the lab you are about to have the watch test with is completely reliable to avoid problems during the process.

Test the function in your specification sheet one by one.

Once you have the watch samples with you, it is helpful that you check the specification sheet if followed one by one. Of course, you need to receive a watch that is according to your design and features. If there’s something wrong, you can always contact the technical support to ask questions.

Step #5: Make Your Decision Based On Your Watch Sample

If function approved, then make a bulk order.

After checking the sample and all the features of the custom watch are presented well, then it is time for you to make a bulk order. This is the time that you no longer have to adjust things since everything you want the watch to be is manufactured well.

If function not approved, ask for adjustments until approved

Unfortunately, there are some instances that watch samples fail to be delivered as they should be. However, you should not worry about this since the manufacturers are very willing to make adjustments until you get the watch sample that you want. You need to keep communicating with them for the adjustment process.

Step #6: Following Your Order When Promoting Your Watch Brand

Figure out a production plan with your manufacturer.

In making bulk orders, your manufacturer will offer you a production plan according to your needs. You can even make your own production plan and have it agreed with the manufacturer. This is the part where you can decide the amount and number of custom watches to be purchased plus the date of shipping time and amount of shipping fees.

Promoting your watch brand.

While your watch undergoes the production process, it is vital that you already create a brand name and have set goals of promoting them in the watch market. You can do this by promoting them on social media platforms that will encourage customers to try your watches. Since you are starting a business, offering freebies is essential to get your first customers too.

Step #7: Evaluate Your OEM Watch Manufacturer

List your feedback to your OEM watch manufacturer.

Your feedback will mean a lot to the watch manufacturer after getting your orders. You can help them improve their services by giving your opinion of what they lack if there’s any. Moreover, you can suggest improvements for them to be in their best shape of providing watch services in the near future.


You no longer have to spend more time worrying about purchasing custom watches now that you have read all the steps of getting a reliable Chinese watch manufacturer! You can be sure of getting the type of custom watch that’s perfect for what you’re looking for and start making a lot of money on your watch business instead!

Bouns:Download Free Checklist that will show you a checklist of how to get your custom watches customized in Chinese Factory.