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Ultimate Guide to Build A New Watch Brand
(Design,Manufacture And Branding Step By Step)

design a watch brand

Today I’ll show you how to create your own watch brand and promote it like a selling machine.

But how can you create a new watch brand from scratch?

To create a new watch brand, you need to know the market trends of watches industry, know how to figure out a watch design, how to get your design into practical watches, how to promote your watches and then build reputation through mouth to mouth advertising.

In this guide, I will help you overcome all of these obstacles when you are creating your own watch brand.

Chapter 1:

Watch Industry Overview

Before entering into watches business,you will have to look into the market trend and your competitors.

Knowing about watches market trend, because you definitely would like to enter a fast growing market and you would probably make profit.

Analysis your competitor can help you know about how much effort you should pay to achieve your target profit.

In this chapter, I will show you some tips on how to investigate the watch market and also guide you to figure out the best watches to invest.

Top 10 List of  Best Watch Brand

To know about the watch industry, we can fing the market statistics issued by authority institution. From their report, we find the world’s watches main exporting area is Switzerland,Hongkong and USA, while the world’s main importing erea is Honkong, USA and China.

But we dig deeper to know about the main players in this industry, here we pick up top 10 list of best watch brands according to their sales amount and brand reputation.

  • Rolex
  • Patek Philippe
  • IWC Schaffhausen
  • Vacheron Constantin
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre
  • Omega
  • Panerai
  • Audemars Piguet
  • Chopard
  • Tag Heuer

We figure out this watch brand list by checking the annual report and the industry report. This is a good way to help us find the best watch brands in the world, even though the data may not be accurate.


Learn Watches Basic Knowledge

If you have been a business man, you will find there is profeesional knowledge for every product. Learn the basic product knowledge can help you talk with your supplier in the same channel.

Without basic watches knowledge, the supplier can find you were a watch industry newbies in a minute. Then,  a higher price may be offered to you since they have learned you have no definition on watches market.

In this chapter, we will show you how to learn the watches basic knowledge fast and you can talk with the supplier in the same channel  after that.


Product is the king in business. The more professional you are, the more trust you’ll get. There are many good watch basics guide on the internet, such as Tourneau’s watch education guide.

Watch Parts

A watch include these parts:

  • Crystal: The glass that cover the watch face to protect it from dirt and water.
  • Hand:The mover on the dial.
  • Case:Hold the movement and protect it.
  • Dial: It is the board for marking the time.
  • Lugs:Case attchment that used to attch a strap or bracelet to the watch case.
  • Bezel:A ring around the case that used to protect the crystal.
  • Pusher: Case attachment that used to control the function, such as the chronograph or date adjustment.
  • Crown: A button that allows for winding of the movement and adjust the function like the time and date.
  • Movement: The engine of the watch.
  • Subdial: A small dial with the main dial
  • Hour Maker: Hour indicator, some were painted on the dial

Watch Material

In the past, gold is the standard material to make a watch. But it changed to be light weight material as follows:

  • Stainless steel
  • Ceramic
  • Titanium
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Physical Vapor Deposition
  • Diamond-like Carbon
  • Gold
  • Rubber/Silicone

Watch Movements

A watch movement is an engine to make the watch “go”. There are 3 types of watch movements.

  • Manual Movement:Daily winding is required
  • Automatic Movement:It is winding when you wore it.
  • Quartz Movement: Use a battery as power source. It is the most popular type now.


How to Figure Out A Watch Design With No Experience

You may ask” how can I figure out my watch design if I do not have any design experience”? That is the a frequently asked questions especially for watches newbies.

As you know, a unique design can help you build your brand impression, a good solgan can help people remember your brand name. what you need to do on watch design is to figure out the impression point and then embed them into your watches and description.

In this chapter, we will teach you how to figure out your watches brand impression points and embed these “tiny chips” into your watches and then into your target clients’ memory.

Decide a Watch Type

There are 3 types of watches according to their movement.

  • Automatic
  • Mechanical
  • Quartz

Before designing a watch, you should decide which type of watch you are going to work on.

Suppose you would like to design a  men’s sports watch with Quartz movement, and then you’ll go to the next step.

Learn from the Best Selling Watch

As a newbie who just enter watch business, we only would like to learn from the best seller in the market.

So where can we find the best selling watch? No worries, Amazon is a good marketplace to help us find the best selling watch and there are tons of reviews there.

First Step, search “men’s sports watch” in Amazon.

Second Step, checking the reviews of the best selling watch.

Third Step, find people’s negative comment and try to find the aspects that you can improve.

The last step, improve the watch based the best selling watch reviews. List the pain points that people are complain about.

And now you have got your own design now.



How to Position Your Watch Brand Like A Sniper

If a sniper would like to shoot a target, he or she usually does it in very exact and fast way. In result, they often reach their target exactly in the shortest time.

When positioning your watch brand, you were that sniper and the more exact of your aim, the shortest time can you let people recoginize about your brand.

In this chapter, I will describle the process of positioning a world-class watch brand and how they achieve success with their positioning strategy.

Set Up Your Watch Brand Impression

There are luxury watches brand and cheap watches brand in the market. As a watch newbies, you not only do not want to face a huge risk, but also do not want to create a cheap brand with low profit.

We recommend you set up a middle luxury brand impression, which means your watch designs looks very luxury, but the price is cheaper than that of luxury watches.

Mock Up Your Potential Customer

A sniper must have a target to shoot, and then they can be able to practice to achieve their target in their daily training. When you have mock up your target watch brand customers. You have the exact target and can sit down to think out your solutions for this target.

For example, you target your watch brand to young girls in a relationship, who would like to send a watch to their boyfriend as a gift. This is a specific target and you can prepare the related marketing materials for them now.

Figure Out Your Watch Brand Slogan

A watch slogan is a sentence that can tell people your brand story. For example, when people refer Nike, you suddenly remember ” Just do it”.

So you can figure out your watch brand slogan according to your brand story. You can refer to these watch brand slogans.

It will help you advertise your watch brand, help people remember your brand.


How to Find A Reliable Watch Manufacturer in 24 hours

Finding a reliable watch manufacturer requires some business discussion skills and also you should take full use of the sourcing platform as well as some industry resources.

A reliable watch manufacturer can help you save cost, save time, lead you to a high level of your business, that is to say, they help you make higher profit.

In this chapter, we will share our experience and tips on finding a reliable watch manufacturer step by step. In addition, we also share you some plateform to find watches supplier online.

Using Your Best Solution Provider

If you have a question,what’s the first thing will you do? Most people can’t help with searching on internet, as the  larget search engine on the planet, Google help us find solutions, provide us answers in any aspect of our life.

Your can search the following phrase:

OEM watch manufacturer

custom watch manufacturer

private label watches manufacturer

watches manufacturer in China

Then go through the manufacturer’s website and find their contact information or fill the contact form on their website.

Search On Alibaba

There are hundreds of Chinese watch manufacturer on Alibaba and you can find them by search a product name like” men’s sports watch”.

Then you can go through their reply rate and customer’s review on their page and contact at least 10 companies, pick out 3 watch manufacturers as your options.

Keep communication with these 3 watch suppliers, ask for factory pictures, their production line pictures, their office pictures.Pick up the one who is profeesional and responsive  for your questions.

Please note that never pick up the one who offer your the lowest price or without professional response. Since everyone need profit to live a life, lowest price means your watches will be made with lower cost even than the lowest price.

Professional sales man can guide you in the market and help you solve problems that you never meet before.


How to Build Your Powerful Watches Marketing Channel

Marketing channel is like a army base. You can often get fuel oil from that army base when it used up.

To build your watch brand, build your marketing channel can help you advertise in front of multiple adiuence and pass them your brand impression.

For a start up watch brand, internet is the most powerful marketplace to promote your brand like virus.

Marketing channel is your tools to tell your brand story to your audience.

Building multiple marketing channel can take you tons of traffic and also deliver the target customers to communicate with you.

From our experience, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube are the best marketing channel for watches.

Why? Because we have analysis lots of blog posts and articles, we find the most of the social shares on watches topics are from Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube.

And the top 10 luxury watch brands also advertise on these marketing channels, so these are proven popular watches marketing channels.


When you search ” watch ” Pinterest, you will find tons of watch pictures, people share their designs and websites on it. It is a gold mine.

The company of the famous watch brand list advertise on Pinterest, this is a sign that the target audiences are active on that platform.

So keep advertising your brand on Pinterest and share some discounted information, attractive designs and gift ideas on it, you will harvest lots of target customers.


Do you know one of the affordable watch brands called Daniel Wellington? Their brand spread on instagram by a lot of influencers.

They send the influencers a watch as a gift and the influencers show their picture on Instagram as a return.

You can do the thing to promote your watch brand. For a new watch brand, that is win-win solution.

We recommend you pitch the small influencers at the begining.


Youtube is the new TV for people now.

Some people like to watch TV, see real people and their act.

The most important people go after the super star on Youtube, they follow what they wear and what they do.

So pitching an influencer to help you advertise your new brand, you will pay less effort.


How to Promote Watch Brand Effectively

Once you have built watch marketing channel, the most important thing are promoting your watch brand and repeat in the long run.

However, promoting in an effective way can help your watch brand leave impression to more audience faster.

In our watch branding experience, we get experience from our failures and success and share you our succeful watch branding experience to you below.

Start With Your Watch Brand Story

Many people ask on Quora:”Why are rolex watches so expensive?” I should say, it is not rolex watches expensive, it the the story behind rolex watches are expensive.

People’s emotions changes when they are listening a story and they make their purchase decision when their emotion triggers open.

So you should tell people an attractive story for your watch brand and your story should inspire your target audience’s heart. You do not need to inspire all the people, you only need to reach target people’s heart who have the same outlook with you.

Cooperating With Influencers

Influencers are the one of  powerful advertisement channel in the planet. Cooperating with the influencers who are specially review the watches or watches related topics.

To find the exact influencers, you can search ” watches reviews” on Youtube or Pinterest, you can also search hashtag “#watches” on Instagram.

For example, when you put “watches review” into Youtube search box, you can find ” The Urban Gentry” have more than 300K subscribers and this channel is all about watches.

Watches Youtube Influencers screenshot

Imagine you brand pop up in front of more than 30 K visitors with an 1 minute video. That is really powerful.

Once you find the influencers, you will have to build relationship with them first, like comment their posts, videos, subscribe their channels, reply their emails.

And then out reach to them to cooperate on your brand.

Share Useful Tips With Your Audience

If you would like to attract people’s attention, you must offer your target audience some baits.

So what are the baits that can attract people’s attention? Of course, that is something that can help people solve their problem and let them live a better life.

For example, many people ask about questions like ” where to buy watches”, ” where to sell watches”, “how to mesure wrist size for watches” and “how do automatic watches work”.

If you have found people are strugling on these questions, then you offer them  the answers, this will help them feel better.

Qustions or problems are people’s main point, solutions are the triggers to get leads from your target audience.

So pay more attention to what your target audience care about, talk about and then find their main point. You put your answers on the website and embed some information about your brand.

Cooperating with A Grey Hair Watch Manufacturer

A grey hair watch manufacturer is a custom watch manufacturer who have the ablility to provide watches OEM serviceswatches ODM services to international watches buyers.

They usually understand what’s the international watch importers need and the watches industry standard as well as the watches exporting processes.

Their rich experience can help you avoid many unexpected problems when you searching your watch manufacturer.

Last but least, please confirm with them that they have the mold of your watch design, this is very important to make your watch as the same as your design.



Watches Branding Case Study

If your watch brand can be recognized by average Joe, it will be your selling machine.

Starting a new fashion watch brand online is very difficult in these years.

But many start ups spare no effort to build their own watch brand through our proven watch branding strategy. And finially, they have achieved their success.

Daniel Wellington is a successful example through watch branding.

When Filip Tysander find many small influencers on Instagram, he find this is a good opportunity to promote his watch brand–Danil Wellington.

He reached out to these small fashion related influencers and tell them that they would like to send a watch as a gift, and they only need to show the watch that wearing on that hand as a return. This campaign has helped Filip Tysander built Danil Wellington and now it is a famous watch brand and it is millions of watch empire now.

From this case, we can sum up the success factor of building Danil Wellinton Watch.

Cooperating With Influencers

Influencers can help you pass the information to more target audience since they have bulk of followers.

Cooperating with influencers is a win-win solution in marketing. They can get gift or make money or post useful information to their audience, while you can get new audience with a small cost.

Create Your Designs Based On the Best Seller

If you want to build your own watch brand, your watch must be unique.

But how do you know it is unique and popular in the market? Just design your watch based on the best seller watch brand which is proven popular in the market.

Like all young Swedes who want to discover themselves and the world, Tysander followed the mainstream dream and travelled to Australia after high school. There, Tysander met a fashionable Englishman named Daniel Wellington, who was wearing a Rolex with the classic Nato watch band. Tysander was deeply impressed by the Englishman’s Ian Fleming air, and that’s how he got his million-dollar idea, and his million-dollar brand name: Daniel Wellington.

Learn from the watch top brand in the market. We will achieve the same goal in the end.


The Best Watches Branding Resources

If you are would like to be one of a profitable business man in watch market, you must be professional.

A professional watches sellers can avoid falling into traps. And you will be able to make your decision like a watch guru.

Learning can help you us with updated watches knowledge, market trends and as well as making friends with people in this industry.

Here we go:

As a watch newbie, we would like to know all the aspects of a watch, Wikipeadia is a goldmine to know a new product, it lists all the attribute we should learn, for watch definition, you can make it clearly here:

To learn about news from the watch industry, watch fairs and events, and commnicate with watch bloggers, join the discussion of this forum, it is a goldmine

To know about what watches dealers, traders are talking about, join a facebook group is a good choice, here is a big facebook with 14,679 members now:

If you would like to learn how to launch a watch company fast, join a course and learn it step by step is a good choice. This course is very popular in the watch industry, there is 1474 students have enrolled until now.

Watches: How to Design, Manufacture and Build a Brand

To learn the watch basics, such as watch atomony, watch materials, watch movement, watch complications, watch glossory. And in their watch education, they also teach you the watch care knowledge, such as watch maintenance, watch resistance, common technical questions for watch. Here is the link:


In this guide, we have show you all the aspects and steps we will have to take to build a new watch brand, from a watch design, find a realiable watch manufacturer, build your watch marketing channel to promote your watch brand.

And we have share you some useful resources for your further study at last.

Now it is your turn:

Are you clear about how to build your own watch brand? What information have left deep impression for you in this guide?

Do you have any better solutions to build a watch brand?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.