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15 Best Watch Styles Every Men and Woman Should Know

15 watch styles

Watches have played a big role in the lives of all watch enthusiasts. Now, if you think all watches are the same, it’s time for you to think again and evaluate the watch styles that suit you best. Yes! You are in the that right! There are certain watches that are meant for your style as a person who has distinct jobs and hobbies!

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the stylish functions and ways you can look for before you plan your watch order.

Let’s dive right in.

Watches Popularity

If you are planning to purchase watches, you are probably familiar with some watch styles that are available in the market today. However, these popular watch styles don’t only end with how expensive and how popular the brand is. Choosing popular watch styles has something to do with your personality and your activities every day.

1. Casual Watches

First, on our list are casual watches. Just like how one person identifies his or her casual outfits, the same goes for the features of casual watches. They are meant to be worn together with your casual outfit. They are very simple in style intended to match any outfits that you can wear every day. If you’re on a tight budget, buying casual watches is never a problem. It is cheap in price which everyone can truly afford. Its simplicity and affordability makes it very ideal to be presented as a gift for your loved ones.


2. Dress Watches

Dress watches are meant for every watch enthusiast who likes to match their formal attires with a great watch. These watches are often used for social events such as big company gatherings or any formal occasion. Just like casual watches, dress watches are also simple yet elegant in style. They are mostly thin and available in colors white, dark, gold, or silver.


The aim of this watch style is to not draw much attention but to complement the wearer’s outfit. You can easily identify them because dress watches only have an hour and minute hands. Moreover, they are available in the watch market today pricing $500 below.


3. Luxury Watches

From the word luxury, this watch style if one of the most grandest watches you can purchase today. Although, they are very expensive, you can never go wrong of purchasing one because these watches contain features that are in a very good shape and quality. Watch enthusiasts who are really into watches would highly recommend you to buy luxury watches among all watch styles. Most of these watches are handcrafted, making them precise and accurate for your watch needs.


Additionally, luxury watches are made of high-quality materials that are also expensive such gold, silver, and diamond. Some would often say that purchasing one is a big investment. They are mostly sold by most known brand manufacturer of watches. The high-quality model of luxury watches is beyond what you can expect, which is an excellent gift for the person you truly valued.


Watch Functionality: Chronographs, Dive, Dress, Pilot, Racing 

men's watch styles

1. Chronographs

A chronograph is a type of feature a watch can have. It is presented to be used as a stopwatch while keeping track of the time. They are ideal for any person who is into sports activities and things that has something to do with recording the time. 


You can easily identify them because they are small circles with hands in the watch face. You can just press a button that is placed beside the crown for you to use the start and stop functions.


2. Dive Watches 

Dive watches are intended for people who love to swim, surf, or any water activities. They even have a timer feature that can identify the oxygen a diver only have while diving. You can be sure that it won’t go down to any obstacles you can encounter under the sea. Dive watches are waterproof of up to 300m which makes it more vital for your water adventures. Its bezel can be rotated in order for the oxygen time feature to function. They also come with different features such as a light technology that can illuminate the whole watch. 


3. Pilot Watches 

Pilot watches are for the person who is into aerial activities. Moreover, they are really meant for the pilot to get the watch that they need while on board. They are believed to be very sturdy just like military watches. We all know that the condition of walking on land is different from flying in the sky. Thus, making pilot watches meant for the aerial environment which has magnetic and cold pressure. Because of the low light condition, pilot watches also feature luminescent lights in order for the pilot to see the time clearly. 


4. GMT Watches

GMT watches or known as UTC watches before are for every watch enthusiast who is into traveling from one country to another. These watches have two available time zone features for two different countries too. It is very helpful for people to identify the time of the next country to take a trip while indicating the time of the current place you are into. 


5. Racing Watches

Racing watches are made flashier with a high-contrast dial, it can be read at high speed. A chrongraph on a racing watch is a stopwatch function. A Tachymeter bezel scale located around the dial allows the racer to make speed calculations. Many racing watches has an angled case, and the racer can read without taking their hands off the wheel.


Watch Movement: Mechanical, Quartz, Automatic

mechanical watches

1. Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches are the old and classic type of watch movement in the history of watchmaking. Because technology before is not present and as efficient as today, this movement uses a mainspring mechanism. The springs and other gears use a replacement of battery to keep it functional. They are mostly expensive because of its classic and concept style. 


2. Automatic Watches

Automatic watches are very rampant in the watch market today. Its functionality is based on the movement of the wearer’s watch. Thus, kinetic energy plays a vital role for it to automatically function. Unlike mechanical watches, you no longer have to manually wind them because your actions can be used as their power.


3. Quartz Watches

Quartz watches are very first introduced by the well-known watch manufacturer brand, Seiko. They are considered to be the recent type of watch movement that doesn’t use manual winding or kinetic energy. Their functionality mainly depends on a battery which sends an electrical signal through a tiny crystal of quartz that is embedded in the circuitry. Its performance and accuracy can be determined through the amount of power the battery has at the present moment.

Quartz watches require low maintenance, it keeps time accurately and reliably and it requires to change a battery once every a few years.


Watches Design: Minimalist, Skeleton

1. Minimalist Watches

Minimalist watches are designed as a watch style that is simple and not complicated. They don’t have any materials that make it look fancy or expensive. You can rely on the watch style casual watches as minimalist watches too. The straps are usually made of leather to keep in simple but could also match any casual meetings or occasions.


Their designs make them affordable among other watches that are sold expensively. They are mostly available from Chinese watch manufacturers who offer quality watches at cheap prices. 


2. Skeleton Watches

Skeleton watches are mechanical watches that have moving parts designed to be visible to the naked eye of the watch wearer. Every feature of parts of the watch can be seen which makes it different from other watch designs that are covered with back cases.

Since mechanical watches are made to be classic and hand-made, its design is to give the wearer the idea of how these windings and gear function from time to time. They are also available without dial face making them a perfect skeleton type of watch. They are more expensive than minimalist watches since they are made of materials from mechanical watches. 


Watch Case Material: Stainless Steel, Alloy

1. Stainless Steel Watch

The material of the watch’s case is very important for the whole coverage of a watch. Stainless steel cases are believed to be very sturdy and anti-corrosive. They allow you to move around without getting conscious of whether it would break or not. 


Most watches available today are made of stainless steel cases for their features make it more functional that is well-crafted than other cases. They are a durable and 

2. Alloy Watch

If you’re looking for an better watch case aside from stainless steel, then alloy watch case is for you. Although it is not made of high-quality materials like stainless steel case, it also a reliable watch case good for every activity you’re about to conquer.



Now I think you have known about all the watch styles that categorized based on different standard.

Which watch style have left the deepest impression on your mind? Minimalist watch or sketleton watch?

Or you would like to create your own watch styles through watches OEM/ODM service?

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