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9 Secrets You Should Know About Rolex Watch

Rolex, is perhaps one of the most prominent luxury watch brands across the world. First based in London, England, the company had its humble beginnings in 1905. The brains behind the brand Rolex, were Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, promptly naming the brand Wilsdorf and Davis.

However, after World War I, the company migrated its operations to Geneva, Switzerland which is now the current home of the brand. Since then, the company has branched out into different countries thereby making a name for themselves. Rolex since has become synonymous to the word, “high class and top quality” earning them several awards and accolades. Last year, Forbes included the company in their list of the most valuable brands in the world.

Because the company is admired and well loved across the world, its competitors try to find out what makes their products so successful. Consequently, Rolex keeps their operations private and confidential. However, there are still some useful information about the company that is made to be available to the public.

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In this article, we will be talking about 9 secrets you should know about rolex watch.

What’s the bottom line?

How Much is a Rolex?

Anyone who is wondering how much a rolex costs usually says that its “far too expensive”, bordering to “Unaffordable”. Because Rolex equates itself to achievement and success, it undoubtedly costs a ton. Needles to say, none of their watch is affordable to the casual consumer.

The entry level models such as the Oyster Perpetual almost costs $5000, with this price, you can already buy a low end car. Meanwhile, the most expensive model, Rolex Daytona, costs a whopping$17.8 million. The beauty of all this is that, the value retains its value for decades, and in some cases, will increase in value; which makes it a worthwhile investment.

How to Spot a Rolex?

Since Rolex is a household name yet is a luxury, it is a given that the watch manufacturers will want to take a jab at this and make their own fake versions; in order to trick unsuspecting consumers. With this, it pays to know how to spot a fake rolex.

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One of the most obvious way is to determine the price. If the price is too low for a Rolex, then you’re guess will be right, it’s a fake. Another way is to check the quartz movement. Counterfeit Rolex watches usually have jittery second hand movements.

Other key features to take not are the weight and the quality of winders. Fake rolex watches are notoriously lighter and have flimsy winders on the side.

Lastly, a genuine Rolex watch will magnify the date when looking through the Cyclops lens. Fake watch manufacturers have a hard time mimicking this feature, so fake models usually do not magnify the date.

Why Are Rolex Watches So Expensive?

Rolex watches are undoubtedly very expensive. With this, we are left to wonder what makes them so expensive? To make the long story short, Rolex watches are expensive because you will not find any other watch manufacturer that makes watches of the same high level of quality.

Rolex watches have excellent in house movements. The technology behind this requires tons of money and expertise to develop. The research and development  department of the company not only directs its focus on the mechanical aspect of the watches but also in terms of the materials they use.

The watches are made with 904L steel as compared to its competitor’s watches that are only made with 316L steel.  The 904L steel is more robust and durable compared to the latter. The workmanship, quality and the expertise behind these watches are the factors why they are very expensive.

Where are Rolex Watches Made?

Rolex watches are designed, produced and tested in Switzerland. Ever since the company’s migration to Geneva, Switzerland in the early 1900s, Rolex’s operations are entirely done in the said country. Currently, the company has four sites in Switzerland. The one in Geneva is their main headquarters.

Where to Buy Rolex Watches?

When buying Rolex watches, it is important that you buy them  through trusted sellers. To answer this question, we had to turn to the official website of Rolex. You can buy new and genuine Rolex watches through several official retailers. With over 100 partner countries, you will surely be able to find an official retailer near you.

Buying through these official retailers will allow you to enjoy a five year international guarantee equipped with top of the line warranty services.

You can also buy second hand, or used Rolex watches through different retailers but we do not recommend this, because it wouldn’t vouch the authenticity of their products. With this, we suggest that you navigate through Rolex’s website and look for official retailers near you.

Why Buy a Rolex?

One of the main reasons why people buy rolex watches is to mark a certain achievement or goal in life. Rolex markets itself strategically as a trademark of success, and indeed it is. Owning one signifies that you were able to reach a certain point in your career that allowed you to have the financial capabilities to buy a rolex one.

Moreover, it is wise to buy a Rolex watch, simply because it is not your run of the mill wristwatch. The expertise, material and quality of workmanship required to make these watches is a good reason to justify buying these watches.

How to find the value of a rolex watch?

If you presently own a Rolex watch but do not know the exact value, you can find how much it is worth through two different means. If you have access to the serial and model number of your watch, you can use the pricing tools provided by the websites of official retailers. Using this will show you a price sheet which shows the value of your watch.

You can also determine its value through requesting a pricing quote from official retailers. You simply have to submit the serial and model number to the retailer.

Which Rolex Holds Its Value Best?

As mentioned above, Rolex watches are worthwhile investments. While there is a wide array of Rolex Watches available in the market, determining the most valuable one entails knowing which one has the least number of units produced. Currently, “The Unicorn”, a product from the Daytona series holds the most value.

Final Thoughts

Owning a Rolex Watch is definitely a sign of success and achievement in your life. Indeed, the prices of these watches are mind-blowingly expensive. However, with the level of quality and workmanship that has been put into these watches, you are sure to get more value from your hard earned cash.