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10 Best Watch Packaging Ideas

In today’s Instagram-worthy and unboxing culture, each product on the market will inevitably be judged by its cover.

Likewise, a watch’s packaging can make or break a sale.

Especially if you’re going to custom your own watch designs and would like to place unique impression on your clients’ mind.

First impressions always stick, and that’s exactly what packaging is:

A promise of better things to come.

Hence, it’s more than just a type of protective cover as your watch sits in storage or on a store shelf.

The best watch packaging ideas will, most importantly, do the following:

  • Distinguish your brand
  • Establish credibility
  • Attract customers
  • Create awareness
  • Improve customer experience

In fact, through clever marketing, and excellent design, and innovative packaging, formerly unknown watchmakers have soared through the industry.

Now, if you’re planning to start your own watch line.

Or you’re just interested in the power of creative watch packaging designs.

You’ll learn a lot from the following 10 best watch packaging ideas from different watch brands.

10 Best Watch Packaging Designs

1. Daniel Wellington (DW)

 Daniel Wellington

For a brand with virtually no horological heritage, Daniel Wellington has amassed a vast number of enthusiasts and enjoyed great success in the watch industry.

The relatively young watch brand has even broken age boundaries. How?

Its minimalist watches can be seen on the wrists of young, teen, adult, and seniors alike.

Beyond its viral marketing, look at its packaging above.

In a similarly Bauhaus-inspired style, the packaging is sleek, minimal, and understated yet elegant.

The premium feel of the box with the bold gold lettering oozes class. Even the muted colors of the black foam holding the watch inside adds to the watch’s perceived value.

Daniel Wellington may not have the best movements.

But their packaging is top-notch.

2. Festina

Festina Watch

Besides  Gerard Butler’s endorsements, Festina has had its share of innovative watch packaging designs.

What better way to illustrate a watch’s water resistance than by presenting it submerged in a water-filled bag?

Granted, the plastic packaging doesn’t give off the most premium feel.

However, it does resonate with Festina’s vision for this particular watch model:

“Engineered for water.”

And for its sportier, diving client-base, this watch packaging design is worth a double-take.

3. Rolex

Rolex Watch

How does a brand synonymous with luxury and opulence package its high-end timepieces?

In similar luxury, of course.

Take, for example, the packaging of the Rolex Submariner above.

The hefty watch box first comes in a thick paper sleeve with the enviable crown logo emblazoned on one side.

When you remove the sleeve, you have this almost monolithic box that feels just as expensive as the thing it contains.

Once you open it, you’re greeted by soft felt, gold lettering, and a watch proudly displayed at an angle.

This is how you display wealth.

4. Apple Watch

Apple Watch Box

The all-white coffin housing the Apple Watch Series 3 is another excellent example of minimalist yet avant-garde packaging.

Instead of the typical printed or silk-screened text, the logo and model are embossed onto the center of the box.

Unboxing the stark white box even feels like you’re getting a smartphone instead of a watch.

Like many of its other products, you can tell the designers behind Apple obsessed over every detail in this packaging.

5. Schofield Watch Company

Schodield Watch

Sadly, you’ll usually find cheap and unreliable movements underneath the premium façade of many up and coming watch companies.

Not so with Schofield.

Their watch packaging perfectly encapsulates both their youth, quality, attention to detail, and competitive Swiss movement.

The detailed wood box brings a whole new level (and aroma!) of class to their watches.

It’s not cheap wood either.

No, it’s solid finely-finished wood that speaks to the company’s detail-oriented nature and high ambitions.

6. Zenith

Zenith Watch

Zenith really went all out when they designed the packaging of the new El Primero line.

The picture speaks for itself.

The packaging resembles a mix of a watchmaker’s workstation and a store display.

Watch connoisseurs drooled over this satin-brushed box with leather trims.

See that rectangular image on the top of the box? That’s no picture.

It’s a built-in touch screen.

Meanwhile, underneath the mini workstation is a pullout drawer that holds the three El Primero models.

This is how you release a very special edition.

7. Diesel

Diesel Watch

The promise of exclusivity is one thing.

But what about durability?

Diesel opts for the chooses the over-the-top military-inspired packaging for their Swiss Made DZS0001.

If you think that packaging looks like an ammunition case, you’d be right.

The robust steel box is as rugged as the watch it contains.

There’s no elegance here, only machismo.

8. Bremont


Unlike paper, wood, or steel, leather breathes has its own personality.

It also only gets better and more refined through time.

And for the Bremont Supermarine S2000, only leather can carry it.

Straightforward yet classy, the leather case with suede interiors carries a bring-me-anywhere quality to the Supermarine.

9. Oris

Oris Watch Package

The Oris TT1 McNish Limited Lefty pays tribute to 3-time Le Mans winner, Allan McNish.

What better way to honor his exploits and racing spirit than a limited-edition watch packaged inside a replica of his helmet?

Opening the visor displays the one-of-a-kind watch.

Now, this is a packaging you would proudly display.

10. Omega

Omega Watch

We’ve saved the best for last with the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch.

Serious watch collectors will always have, and want, a Speedy among their prized timepieces.

And this model is one of the most sought after.

What’s the packaging like?

It starts a black sleeved box with the length of a regular shoebox.

Removing the sleeve reveals the first of three Speedmaster medals.

Opening this outer box will then reveal the briefcase-like box with the second Speedy medal.

The printed description “Legendary Moonwatch” speaks as much for the packaging as it does for the watch inside it.

Finally, inside the box proper are four compartments for the:

  • Watch
  • Tachymeter Loupe
  • Strap-changing tools
  • The third Speedy medal

As if those are not enough, the package also comes with three booklets that explain this Speedy’s background, strap changing instructions, and operating manual.

You’re not just unboxing a watch here.

You’re unboxing a piece of horological history.

Final Thoughts

What can you take away from these unique and creative watch packaging designs?


The package a watch comes in is more than just a protective cover.

It can be part and parcel with your brand, logo, and identity.

It’s a great opportunity for you to distinguish yourself from every other watch brand out there.

What do you think of our list?

Did we miss any watch packaging that should be on this list? Let us know!